Sunscreen lotions are needed in monsoons. Myth or Not?

Lunching at a restaurant with your friends is a good idea, but wearing your favourite SPF before stepping out is even a better idea. Whether you’re out for a salon appointment or stuck in a 5-hour long lecture at college, wearing sunscreen lotion on your skin is a no brainer!

Getting yourself some Vitamin D is extremely vital! But remember, grab it during the early hours of the day to soak in the best of the benefits. A dutiful amount of sunscreen on your skin will do the work of reducing the risks of skin cancer, tanning, pigmentation, premature ageing, and the list is never-ending!

Whether you’re a religious follower of the 10 steps Korean beauty routine or you just like to stick to the basics, when we talk about skincare, sunscreen is a non-negotiable step. It’s required, needed, called for, and any other adjective that you can think of.

But does this apply to monsoons as well? The answer is a striking YES!

The arrival of monsoon has surely left prickly heat behind, but that doesn’t mean you give up on your summer habits just yet! Let that sunscreen rest in your sling.

You'd think to yourself, ’I don’t see the sun shining through the clouds what is the need to wear SPF today?” Well, even though your eyes can't see it, the UV rays are still coming through. Here's a pro tip for you, giving your skin what it truly deserves by investing in a rainy day sunscreen will do wonders to your shine!

Though monsoon is a season everyone looks forward to, it comes with its list of pros and cons. We know just how you can defeat the cons, and the answer is with our sunscreen lotion that is loaded with SPF- 50 because that’s the nectar your skin needs this monsoon!

You ask for one benefit? We’re here to give you more than just one! Our Sunscreen Lotion is 99 per cent natural. It is infused with nature's best gifts like Almond Oil that acts like a shield that protects you from the sun damage, Coconut Oil that fights infection with its anti-microbial properties Sunflower Oil that combats skincare issues like acne, redness as well as helps retain the skin’s moisture and many more such natural ingredients that help you shine! Go local, go natural!

Now that we’ve dug a grave for this skincare myth, here are a couple of mantras to be followed during monsoon:

  • Exposed areas of your skin require the most SPF attention.
  • Re-apply your sunscreen lotion every 3 hours as it can get washed off in the rains.
  • A cream-based sunscreen should be preferred when it gets rainy.

The rains, as well as SPF, complement each other! We’re talking facts, and science is backing them up! 

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