Toners Vs Mists: The end to your skincare queries

There are a million questions that are becoming the talk of the beauty town like, 

“Are toners and mists any different from each other?” “Do toners and mists serve the same purpose?” “Can we use toners in place of mists?” 

We’re here to tone down your confusion and put an end to this mistery through this blog! So, make sure you don’t miss out on this one and give your skin the care it deserves!

First things first, Toners and Mists are nowhere similar to each other. Yes, the verdict is out! You ask how? We’ll spray the differences one by one to clear your bubbles of doubts!

Pore-fect for hydration! 
When we say toners and mists are poles apart, we mean it! While one works on minimizing pores, the other hydrates your skin on the move. Do your skin a favour and buy a toner to shrink the rigid pores on your face, top it up with a mist and you’re ready to hit the road with that gorgeous looking face! The Beauty Co. has its own popular versions of toners and mists that are infused with soothing ingredients like Rose and Aloe Vera! These magic potions of beauty work wonders for your skin and all your skin-related problems. Oh, and they fit in the fridge throughout monsoon! Lock your skin’s moisture with our mists and eliminate pores out of the skincare game with our toners!

What’s your type? 
Oily, dry, or combination? Be it whatever, toners and mists are the only monsoon combo you need right now! Coke and fries go hand-in-hand but you know what else does? Oily skin and large pores. Toners help your skin to get rid of the excess dirt that clogs these pores on oily skin. Dry skin is always thirsty! Mists are portable water bottles for it, so ensure you carry them with you everywhere! Hydrate your skin regularly with The Beauty Co. Cucumber mist and toner, as you witness it blossom in no time!

Spray to mist and dab to tone!
Just like your body needs a workout routine, your skin needs a routine too! Toners essentially prep your skin for moisturisation which is why we do Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising or as the beauty gurus call it, C-T-M.

On the other hand, mists revive your face after spending long hours at work, and give your skin a refreshing glow! Tone your face with The Beauty Co. Tea tree toner and set your edgy makeup with our Tea Tree mist that gives you a clean and clear face for a perfect finish to your skin-care routine!

The Verdict:
Toners and mists have their roles to play, but both are a crucial part of your skincare regime! So, when it comes to toners and mists, it's always best to buy both as a duo! Make these products your skin’s best friends this monsoon for an ever young and peppy face! We’ve got an entire range of toners and mists waiting to be used by you! It’s the season to #ToneSpraySlay!

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