Tone up your Vanity Box!

What is a toner? 

 This is probably one of the most common questions, one has come across while looking for a perfect skincare product. Keeping aside all the technical definitions from certified dermatologists, a toner is that secret weapon missing from a girl’s beauty routine which can help her in maintaining clear, smooth and acne-free skin. A toner looks like water and acts like water, but is not water! Various types of toners are available that contain glycerin, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatories, depending on the skin type. 

Introducing 4 new toners that need to be in a girl’s vanity box without a doubt.!

Tea Tree Oil is a must for pure Skin. Because of its various advantages(smoothening skin texture, reducing recurring acne and pimples), tea tree oil is the major ingredient in this toner. Apart from tea tree oil which helps remove dead skin cells and tightens skin pores, other principal ingredients included are:

  • Glycerin which provides deep nourishment and treats signs of aging. 
  • Aqua is in charge of bright and glowing skin, cucumber extract treats sunburn, and reduces freckles. 
  • Aloe vera extract controls excess sebum and helps in balancing the pH level of the skin.

    All these ingredients are equally important for healthy skin. Application of just one layer of this toner will help in hydration, treating redness and inflammation, reduction of pimples, resulting in smooth, soft and blemish-free skin. Use it twice a day for unparalleled results.

Want to reduce scars and acne? Dermatologists approve of rosewater as the best toner for getting rid of acne and scars. Rosewater also helps in rendering a dewy glow to the skin which makes it look radiant. Rose toner possesses all the rosewater properties with the added benefits of glycerin and aqua that stimulate the skin glow. It also helps in treating puffy eyes, dark circles, and crow’s feet. It not only administers rose-like freshness into your skin but also improves the texture making it soft, elegant and ecstatic!!

Still stuck with summer tan? The answer to this is a cucumber toner. A cucumber toner acts as a natural cooling agent, rejuvenates the skin, diminishes sun-tan and inflammation, tightens pores and brightens skin. Cucumber extract, aqua, and glycerin have been combined to form one of the best toners. Suitable for all skin types, this toner works as an excellent cooling agent during hot and humid days. It not only minimizes oiliness but also makes sure that the skin looks radiant and youthful. It also cleans the skin pores from within to prevent the chances of acne and pimples.

Excess sebum is a serious problem. If not treated on time, it can result in oily, acne-prone skin. Made with natural constituents, aloe vera toner not only helps in maintaining pH levels but also takes care of the skin from external/chemical impurities that have marked their territory on the face. Apart from providing necessary hydration to the skin, it retains moisture, treats signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and gives it a healthy, dewy finesse. Considered as one of the best toners for glowing skin, it unclogs the skin pores of dust, debris and makeup residue. 

Now let’s see how in only 4 simple steps one can get glowing skin!

  1. Pour -- Pour a few drops of the toner on a cotton ball.
  2. Apply -- Apply the toner on your face and neck with an upward stroke.
  3. Wipe -- Wipe the toner thoroughly over the face and neck to remove all the impurities or makeup residue.
  4. Glow! -- Use it twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed - for magical results on your skin.

Skin’s daily wear-and-tear and brush with environmental pollution, toxins, and chemicals through makeup leave it dull, dry and dehydrated. To undo this damage, it surely needs some extra care. This care, in the form of The Beauty Co. Toners, can prove to be a boon for your skin.

Time to give it a shot… and splash, NOW!

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