These 8 #HolisticCare tips are sure to keep your skin & hair happy during Holi

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Holi? Colours! Holi is unequivocally the most vibrant and colourful festival in the world. Holi without colours is like Diwali without diyas. Traditionally, Holi was celebrated with natural gulal but today, it is played with splashes of synthetic pigments and other artificial ingredients. The after-effects of which are not so happy for your skin & hair. 

Some of the after-effects are:

  • Dry skin
  • Damaged hair 
  • Acne 
  • Blackheads
  • Tan 
  • Sunburn

The question is, how does one avoid these problems? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Follow these 8 #HolisticCare tips to keep your skin & hair happy during Holi!

Tip 1: Stay hydrated
Drink loads of water before you start playing Holi. This will keep your skin hydrated

Tip 2: Apply a toner 
Use a toner before stepping out to play Holi to close the pores of your skin thereby reducing the absorption of the harmful colours. 

Tip 3: Protect your skin from the sun
Don’t forget to apply The Beauty Co. SPF 50 Sunscreen before playing Holi. Extended sun exposure can leave you tanned, sunburnt and dehydrated. 

Tip 4: Stay cool with ice cubes
Rub ice cubes on a clean face for about 10-15 mins and you can ensure that the harmful colours can’t penetrate your skin and cause outbursts. 

Tip 5: Take a warm shower
It’s best to take a warm shower after you’re done playing. Avoid hot water as your skin has already been exposed to the sun and perhaps harsh chemicals. 

Tip 6: Paint your nails 
Removing Holi colours from your nails can be a pain. Apply The Beauty Co. Nail & Cuticle Oil before & after playing Holi. It will protect your nails & cuticles from the harmful toxins. 

Tip 7: Keep the pimples away 
One of the major aftereffects of Holi colours is acne. Apply The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Essential Oil mixed with your oil or moisturiser before & after playing Holi. 

Tip 8: Masque it
Playing Holi can leave your hair dry & dull. After you wash your hair, massage it with The Beauty Co. Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Masque and rinse it after 15-20 mins. It will make your hair shinier & softer  

                                                                Make this Holi happy for your skin & hair and keep enjoy the festival to the fullest! 

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