Vitamin E Cuticle Oil for Nails (15ml)


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Deeply hydrates cuticles & nails

Heals dry & damaged cuticles

Reduces brittleness of nails

Renders soft cuticles & healthy nails

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A Caring Touch of Vitamin E for Your Cuticles & Nails

Few of the first things people notice about you, apart from your smile are your hands, your fingers and nails. Pretty hands always make a first good impression! However, we forget the fact that our cuticles and nails need extensive care and pampering as they are among the most exposed body parts. A monthly ritual of exotic manicure or hand spa isn’t enough. That’s the reason The Beauty Co. has introduced Vitamin E Cuticle Oil for extra nourishment of your cuticles and nails. The blend of natural oils not only heal your damaged, cracked cuticles but also strengthen the nail bed, boosting healthy nail growth. The Vitamin E oil for nails and cuticles intensely hydrates the dry skin and brittle nails to enhance the overall appearance.
The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil is a perfect formula to beautify your cuticles and nails, naturally!


Take a few drops of The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil.


Apply it evenly on the all the cuticles – hands & toes, and around the nail area.


Massage it gently to increase blood circulation, soften cuticles & stimulate nail growth.


Use it regularly to flaunt healthy cuticles with longer, stronger, shinier nails.

A Caring Touch!

Vitamin E

  • Nourishes cuticles & nails
  • Prevents ridges & frequent breakage
  • Increases the flexibility of nails
  • Stimulates blood circulation

Jojoba Oil

  • Gets absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Heals cuts, rashes & chapped skin
  • Strengthens thin & weak nails
  • Prevents cracking & peeling of cuticles

Sweet Almond Oil

  • An ultimate skin softener
  • Fights fungal infection around the nail area
  • Promotes healthy cuticles & nails
  • Effective infection evader

Sunflower Oil

  • Possesses anti-inflammatory  properties 
  • Intense repairing of dry & damaged skin
  • Strengthens nails from its roots
  • Softens cuticles & strengthens nails

Apricot Oil

  • Protection from dryness
  • Intense nourishing & moisturising
  • Softens & smoothen cuticles & nails
  • Prevents breakage

Grapefruit Oil

  • Uplifts dehydrated cuticles & nails
  • Locks in the moisture
  • Softens & revitalizes
  • Keeps cuticles & nails in good condition

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At Your Finger Tips… Literally!

When your cuticles and nails are constantly exposed to the environment, chemicals, pollution, etc. they go through wear-and-tear. At this point, they need something extra to undo the damage. The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil repairs and revives your damaged cuticles and nails. Presence of Jojoba Oil makes it easier to get absorbed in the skin quickly and heal cuts, cracks and chapped skin. Sunflower Oil & Sweet Almond Oil possess antifungal and antibacterial properties, protecting your cuticles and nails against possible infections. This nail & cuticle oil makes your cuticles soft and supple. Also, it strengthens weak nails, increases flexibility, and prevents breakage, making them stronger and shinier.

With The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil around, let your nails do the talking!

Let Your Nails Do The Talking!

If cracked cuticles and peeling nails are matters of concern for you, the solution is at your fingertips… literally! The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil for nails is here to give you healthy and happy cuticles and nails. Considered to be one of the best cuticles oils with Vitamin E, this oil provides you cuticles and nails that you have always dreamt of! 
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Is this cuticle oil natural?
The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil is made from natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Apricot Oil.
I love long nails; however, my nails chip frequently. Will this cuticle oil help?
The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Cuticle Oil is specially formulated to treat common concerns like cracked cuticles and chipping or peeling nails. The blend of natural oils helps to repair and revive dry, damaged cuticles and weak and brittle nails, making them stronger and shinier.
When can I use this cuticle oil?
Regular application of The Beauty Co. Vitamin E Oil gives you soft and healthy cuticles and strong and shiny nails. For best results, apply it every night before going to bed.
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