Under Eye Gel & Charcoal Star Night Potion Combo for Refreshing Skin (Under Eye Gel + Star Night Potion)

Under Eye Gel - 20gm / Star Night Potion - 25ml



Reduces puffiness & dark circles

Nourishes & tightens the delicate skin around eyes

Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines & crows’ feet

Provides necessary minerals to skin

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No More Dark Circles & Dull Skin!

Lengthy working hours, constant exposure to laptop/mobile screen and irregular sleeping patterns show on our eyes and skin… and how! Our eyes look droopy, puffy and highlighted with dark circles while the skin looks dull and diseased with acne, pimples, et al. Banish all these with just one combo – The Beauty Co. Under Eye Gel & Charcoal Star Night Potion. Complementing each other, both work in unison all night to give you flawless skin when you wake up in the morning.
Don't let dark circles or dull skin be the first things that people notice about you; get your eyes on The Beauty Co. Under Eye Gel & Charcoal Star Night Potion Combo for refreshing skin!

Under Eye Gel

Take a pea-sized amount of The Beauty Co. Under Eye Gel and apply it from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer edge; massage it gently until the gel gets properly absorbed into the skin. Apply it every night to flaunt those bright, attractive, youthful eyes every morning.

Charcoal Star Night Potion

Apply a few drops of The Beauty Co. Charcoal Star Night Potion on your face with the dropper. Massage it gently in a circular motion with your fingertips till it gets absorbed into the skin. Apply it every night before going to bed to enjoy spotless, seamlessly beautiful skin.

Sparkle and Shine!

The Beauty Co. Under Eye Gel & Charcoal Star Night Potion Combo is put together to revitalize your tired skin. Constant exposure to screens, environmental pollution, and lack of proper care have adverse effects on the delicate skin around the eyes. And the result is dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles. Under Eye Gel with natural ingredients like Pomegranate Extract, Grape Seed Extract & Glycerin is known to nourish the thin skin around the eye area and firm it, eliminating fine lines. While Charcoal Star Night Potion a potent blend of Charcoal Powder, White Gold Dust, Turmeric, Vitamin C and Natural Oils work to give your skin a healthy makeover and smooth finesse.

Because It Gives The Care You Deserve!

In the era of busy schedules and irregular lifestyles, it has become inevitable to invest in a good skincare regime, that too not a very time consuming one. The Beauty Co. Combo is a no-mess-easy-to-use made from natural ingredients and essential oils. It is the solution for your query of ultimate skincare!
So, what are you waiting for? 
Order NOW… and get GLOWING!
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