Tea Tree Cleansing Combo (Combo of Essential Oil+Mist+Toner)

Tea Tree Essential Oil - 15ml / Tea Tree Skin Toner - 200ml / Tea Tree Mist - 100ml



Fights fungal infections, acne

Clears clogged pores & impurities

Possesses anti-microbial properties

Calms skin rashes, irritation & swelling

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Be the Game Changer with Tea Tree

Tea extracts fight against acne and other severe skin problems. The best part of tea tree is that it works as a great accompaniment with coconut oil and jojoba oil. The natural extracts present in the Essential oil help prevent your skin from getting darkened. Buy The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Cleansing Combo for acne as it can work wonders for your skin. It goes into the roots and prevents the accumulation of sebum. For dry skin, it restores the moisture back while it clears the oily skin off the clogged pores. It also reduces the tanning of the skin. While applying, dilute it with a little water for maximum benefits


Apply the tea tree oil gently with a cotton swab on the affected area of your skin and leave it for some hours. Always use the oil on dry skin.


For hair, use it as your regular oil in your scalp. Make sure you massage the scalp gently so that it reaches roots and strands equally.

Aroma Therapy

Apply the essential oil on your sheets before sleeping or simple dab the oil on cotton balls and keep in the room to rejuvenate your senses!

The Inside Job!

Tea Tree Oil

  • Reduces recurring acne & pimples
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Clear & smooth skin texture
  • Tightens skin pores

Purified Water

  • Removes dust particles
  • Deep cleanses skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Leaves skin smooth & glowing


  • Provides deeps nourishment
  • Treats signs of ageing
  • Renders soft, supple & smooth skin
  • Reduces dark spots & freckles

What’s the Secret?

At any point of the day, if your skin feels parched and tight or oily and sweaty, The Beauty Co. Tea Tree comes to your rescue. A combination of natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Purified Water hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Moreover, the mist possesses antimicrobial properties with a tendency to control excess sebum on the skin prevent common skin concerns like pimples and acne. Its anti-inflammatory features immediately relieve your skin from sunburn, rashes or irritation. The peculiar scent of the Tea Tree uplifts your senses and instils a feeling of freshness throughout the day.
Gentle on the skin and mild on the senses, The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Mist, toner and essential oil proves to be a boon for your skin at any time of the day!

Flair and Care for your Skin and Hair!

Your skin is the most precious ornament you can ever wear. While your skin works itself to make you look good, why don’t you give your skin the love it deserves? The tea tree oil by The Beauty co. gives you a perfect and natural solution for all your skin and hair problems. With the natural elements your skin would thank you for handling it with so much care! Along with providing cure to diseases, it gives your skin an inner strength and helps in fighting any potential infections. Pair it up with ABC Hair Growth oil to disinfect your hair from all the harmful effects of dandruff, thinning hair and hair fall.

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