Summer Combo for Sun Protection for Skin/ Body/ Hair (Pack of 3) (Sunscreen + Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream + De-Tan Scrub)

Mix berries Glow Mask - 100gm / ACV Shampoo - 300ml / De-Tan Scrub - 100gm / Sunscreen - 100ml / Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream - 125gm



Includes: Sunscreen SPF50 + De-Tan Scrub + Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo/ Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream/ Mix Berries Glitter Glow Mask

Grease-free scalp & healthy hair

Exfoliates impurities from skin

Protection from UV rays

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We Have Got You Covered From Head to Toe!

Summers too can be fun and enjoyable! But, Conditions Apply*. And the condition is you need to stay protected from head to toe. By head to toe protection, we do not mean layers to scarves draped on your body. Ladies, heave a sigh of relief… The Beauty Co. presents the ultimate Summer Combo to protect your skin and hair from the scorching heat and its after-effects. This Summer Combo includes Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, De-Tan Coffee Scrub and Sunscreen SPF50 – three bestsellers products to let you step out in style.

This summer, say NAH! to scarves… and YEAH! to the Summer Combos!

Stay Cool This Summer!

Our hair and skin problems only aggravate during the summer, and all we could think about is staying indoor to stay protected. But, not anymore! The Beauty Co. has come up with a convenient way to protect your skin and hair – The Summer Combo. It includes:
De-Tan Coffee Scrub removes dull, tanned and dry skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells and      impurities and nourishes the skin deeply. 
Sunscreen SPF50 provides a protective shield to your skin from the harsh ultra-violet rays. It prevents tanning and drying of skin without harming it.
Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, cleans and clears your scalp of grease, grime and other build-ups, reduces itchiness and irritation due to sweat and gives a squeaky clean, shiny makeover to your hair. 
Mix Berries Glitter Glow Mask to give your skin oh-so-rejuvenated look instantly.
Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream to treat the stubborn, rough & patchy skin in these areas, soften it and make it look in sync with your complexion. This, because don’t let short skirts and sleepless tops be a taboo anymore!
So, isn’t it a promising ‘head-to-toe’ protection by The Beauty Co. experts!                                   

How to Use?

De- Tan Coffee Scrub

Take The Beauty Co. De-Tan Coffee Scrub and spread it all over the body on wet skin, massage for 3-5mins. Rinse the scrub off for nourished and glowing skin.

Sunscreen SPF50

Take The Beauty Co. Sunscreen SPF50 and massage the sunscreen lotion gently into your skin until it gets absorbed, for high effectiveness to stay protected from UV rays.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Take The Beauty Co. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and massage it on the scalp with fingertips to remove grease and grime, and rinse it for a clean and shiny look.

Mix Berries Glitter Glow Mask

Take The Beauty Co. Mix Berries Glitter Glow Mask and apply a thin layer on your face. Peel it off after 15-20 minutes to enjoy clear, soft and radiant skin.

Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream

Take The Beauty Co. Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream; apply liberally on elbows and knees. Let your skin absorb the nourishing cream to eliminate patchy skin and even the skin tone.

Take it From The Top… to the Toe!

The Beauty Co. Summer Combo is highly promising when it comes to fulfilling summer care goals! It not only protects your hair and skin from the perils of the hot season but also gives your healthier and happier hair and skin. 

The Beauty Co. brings a huge variety of beauty products infused with natural ingredients to elevate their beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop for other amazing products online and keep killing it!

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