Soft Touch Lotion for Supple & Smooth Skin


Provides 24-hour hydration

Reduces dark spots & scars

Softens & smoothens texture

Brightens skin tone

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The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion for Supple & Smooth Skin

Soft & Glowing Skin on Your Fingertips

No matter how old we grow, we always long for baby-soft skin… that we once had years ago! But, over the period, the harsh environment – full of dust, dirt, and pollution has affected our skin in the worst possible way, making it look dull, dry and drab. However, there are ways to regain the original softness of your skin and retain it despite adversities. The Beauty Co. has cracked the formula to keep your skin oh-so-soft, smooth and supple, naturally! Soft Touch Lotion by The Beauty Co. may turn out to be the skincare product you have been looking for. This non-sticky, non-greasy lotion not only makes your face and body skin soft and smooth but also reduces dark spots, scars, and signs of aging. It provides 24-hour hydration to your skin, fighting dryness and brightening the skin tone.

Get bouncy baby-like skin - smooth face and body - with this miraculous lotion; your skin may be longing for this one… who knows?


Cleanse your face and body with warm water to clean and clear of debris.


Take a blob of The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion and apply liberally on face and body.


Massage gently to let the skin absorb the nourishing skin softening lotion thoroughly.


For best results, apply The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion on face and body twice a day, and feel the difference.

Skin So Soft, Naturally!

Cocoa Butter

  • Promotes soft skin

  • Reduces signs of ageing

  • Treats rashes or infection

  • Improves overall skin health


  • Treats skin conditions

  • Natural moisturizer

  • Controls oil

  • Softens & smoothens skin


  • Cleanses and clears skin

  • Removes debris instantly

  • Reduces itchiness

  • Renders natural glow

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For Skin So Soft!

Maintaining a baby-soft skin is no rocket science. All it requires is using the right skincare products, and you are sorted! The Beauty Co.'s Soft Touch Lotion is infused with potent ingredients that repair, rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin to restore its original softness and glow. Cocoa Butter treats skin conditions and improves overall skin health. Glycerin, a natural moisturizer to your skin control oil and smoothens the skin texture. And water, the basic composition of the skin, cleanses and clears skin to perfection. 

Now that you know how to get soft skin adding this simple beauty lotion to your skincare regime will only do a world of good to you! 

The Soft Touch, Hydrating Formula for Your Face & Body

Your skin is the reflection of what you eat and how you feel! Trust us when we say you feel great when you care for yourself, pay heed to your skin’s need and pamper it to the core. Hence The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion; the lotion, which yields maximum results with minimum use and time. Within no time, this lotion has been competing with few of the best skincare products in India for supple, soft and smooth skin.

The Beauty Co., with a wide range of beauty products for women infused with natural ingredients aims to elevate their beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop for other amazing products online and keep killing it!

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How is The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion different from other body lotions?
The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion provides 24-hour hydration and nourishment to the skin. Apart from reducing dark spots, scars and signs of aging it helps to regain the original texture of skin making it smoother, softer and brighter.
Does this lotion have natural ingredients?
Yes, The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion is infused with natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter and Glycerin.
Can this lotion be applied on oily skin?
Yes, this lotion is formulated in a way that it gets absorbed in the skin as soon as it is applied, making it a light, non-sticky and non-greasy skin lotion. It is suitable for all skin types.
Where can I apply this lotion?
You can apply this lotion on full body as well as face.
I am using this product for the first time, what should I keep in mind?
If you are using the product for the first time, a patch test is highly recommended on the skin. This will help you determine if you skin is allergic to any of the ingredients present in the product. For patch test: Take a small amount of product and apply it on the inside of the wrist; cover it with a bandage and wait for 10-15 minutes. If you experience irritation, redness or itchiness, your skin may be allergic to the product. However, a slight change in the skin tone is normal and will subside within minutes.
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