Skin Protect Combo (Combo of 2)



Anti-acne, anti-aging & antimicrobial properties

Intense hydration & nourishment

Protection from harmful UV rays.

Cooling agent for skin

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The Ultimate Shield for your Skin

Your skin needs protection. Period. But only from outside? Well, think again. It also needs to be protected from within to prevent frequent eruptions of common skin concerns like acne, pimples & fine lines. For this, The Beauty Co. Skin Protect Combo for ultimate skin protection comes in handy, for skincare inside out. Combined with potent products like Tea Tree Essential Oil & Sunscreen SPF50, it shields your skin from the harmful UV rays, prevents tanned skin, and leaves it hydrated keeping common skin concerns at bay. Forget tan, this one only aims at giving you nourished and radiant skin that's ready to take on the summer challenge!

Hiding Your Skin? No More

Soaring temperature & scorching sunlight… all you wish is to take your skin and hide? Worry not! The Beauty Co. comes up with the right cover for your skin – Skin Protect Combo. As you may know, the benefits of sunscreen and the benefits of tea tree oil are aplenty. Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Cucumber Oil, Sunflower Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Soyabean Oil along with natural Tea Tree Essential Oil together protect, cool, firm, and nourish your skin by elevating the overall skin tone and texture. 

Enjoy the Seasons in the Sun!

The Beauty Co. Skin Protect Combo is carefully formulated to repel the harmful sunlight, which reaches your skin and leaves it damaged. It is also formulated to undo the damage that is already done to your skin. 
All you need to do is grab the combo… and enjoy your space under the sun!
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What are the benefits of this combo?
Skin Protect Combo for ultimate skin protection is made with combined benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil & Sunscreen SPF50, the combo safeguards the skin, undoes the damage by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, and various infections. The antimicrobial & anti-aging properties keep the possible skin concerns like acne, pimples & fine lines under control giving you supple, youthful & radiant skin.
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