Rose Mist for Soothing Skin (100ML)


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Contains antioxidants

Cools & hydrates skin

Leaves skin soft & smooth

Soothes skin irritation or rashes

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Blush like a Rose… Even On Sultry Days!

We always wish for skin that is as soft and dewy fresh as a rose. However, heat, humidity, pollution and dust particles always play the culprit, and we struggle to achieve flawless skin tone and texture. How about something that showers your skin with freshness all day long… even when you are on the go? The Beauty Co. Rose Mist is here to solve your troubles. This soothing, fragrant mist gives your skin a dewy, illuminated look when your skin feels parched due to heat. Induced with soothing, cooling and hydrating properties of natural Rose Water, this Rose Mist helps in curbing skin rashes, inflammation, irritation, and blemishes.

Travelling, shopping or sweating post a rigorous gym session… The Beauty Co. Rose Mist can be your loyal companion for sultry days… and nights!


Take The Beauty Co. Rose Mist and spray it on the face and body as and when required.


Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant all day long with the soothing mist. 

Wonders of the Rose Water!

Rose Hydrosol

  • Curbs redness & inflammation
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Natural coolant for skin
  • Renders dewy glow

Purified Water

  • Washes off toxic agents on skin
  • Eliminates dirt & oil
  • Reduces acne & pimples
  • GIves naturally glowing skin

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Feel Rosy Fresh, All Day!

The Beauty Co. Rose Mist is made with natural Rose Water, which possesses many beneficial properties in itself. The Beauty Rose Mist is specially formulated to give you a feeling of freshness when you least expect it – on a sunny day. When sprayed on the skin, this Rose Mist deeply hydrates your skin, uplifting the overall tone and texture. It’s seductively soothing fragrance revitalizes your senses and re-energizes your body. There are several other Rose Mist benefits that slowly and gradually do wonders to your skin. After a long day or commute outdoors in pollution, this Rose Mist calms your skin by relieving it from irritation, inflammation, and rashes caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight.
The Beauty Co. Rose Mist is all you want to regain your skin’s lost glory!

For Skin that is Petal Soft!

We always long for a good splash of water on the skin after a long commute or just a walk around the locality. The Beauty Co. Rose Water lives up to your wish and showers your skin with the much-needed freshness and dewy glow. Any reason is an excuse good enough to treat your skin to a dose of this Rose-y Mist!
What are you waiting for? Bloom & blush like a rose! 
The Beauty Co. brings a wide variety of beauty products infused with natural ingredients to elevate the beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop for other amazing products online and keep killing it!

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Top Reviews

Priyanka kaur Matta

Highly recommended

This product got delivered in two days and was properly packaged. It is such a great concept to have rose water facial mist. The benefits of rose with easy to use spray. It has a mild fragrance and a soothing fragrance. It helps in restoring the moisture

09 Nov 2019

nitika bhinda

Soothing fragrance

Soft fragrance of rose gives a soothing feel, spray a amount of mist and give your face a refreshing feel

04 Jan 2021

thespooky one

A very underrated product

I hate to see, this product doesn't get appreciation for its work. It relaxes my skin, and it gives me a fresh /soft feeling, Got it from pink Friday sale, must use.

06 Dec 2020

Priyanka Saha

A genuine rose mist

I got sensitive skin at the time of pre winters. This soothes the skin and hydrates. It reduces the itch and roughness on skin. I love it. This makes my skin glow within weeks of regular use and reduce the redness and pimples as well.

04 Dec 2020

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Is this rose mist natural?
Yes. The Beauty Co. Rose Mist is made from natural ingredients like Rose Hydrosol & Purified Water.
What are the benefits of this rose mist?
This rose mist helps to soothe your skin on a hot and humid day. It calms your skin and soothes rashes, skin inflammation and irritation due to excessive exposure to the sun.
Is it for all skin types?
Yes, The Beauty Co. Rose Mist is for all skin types.
How often can I use it?
The Rose Mist is specially made to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. So, you can spray it on your skin as and when required during the day.
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