Rose Gold Beauty Oil (25ML)


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Contains gold dust particles

Hydrates & Softens Skin

Gives Glowing Firm Skin

Best oil to mix with makeup

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The Beauty co.’s rose gold oil is perfect for your skin.

When in Doubt, Buy Rose Gold Elixir

Hello ladies! Here comes the one beauty essential oil, which relieves your skin off of scars and leaves you with glowing lovable skin. Whether your skin you want to brighten or firm your skin – the perfect solution is to buy rose gold elixir. It is not your regular next-door moisturizer. This is a completely natural product that rejuvenates all your senses. Just a few drops of the oil and your skin will radiate with a tender glow! With the goodness of gold dust that spreads evenly on your skin, The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil is perfect makeup companion!


Dip your fingers in the oil and gently apply it over your face like a moisturizer.


Take some more of it, and rub it around your hands, upper and lower forearms tenderly.


The oil can be used for your legs too to remove all the dryness and roughness.


Rose Gold Oil is perfect for mixing with foundation. It acts as the perfect base.

Naturally Beautiful from the Inside

Rosehip Seed Oil

Argan Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Gold Dust

Lemongrass Oil

Coconut Oil

Skin That Glitters with Gold

We’re all tired of harmful chemicals weighing our skin down! Spread a couple of drops of our Rose Gold Oil and start noticing the difference! From the very first use, this beauty oil, enriched with the perfect blend of essential oils which revive, revitalize and nourish your skin. Rose Gold Oil is perfect for mixing foundation with oil. Blend it on your face and notice the difference in the finish of your make-up! Lightweight and absorbent texture seeps into your skin and reduces the signs of premature aging. Its soothing effect reduces stress and prevents acne! Surprise your skin with these benefits and believe us, it will thank you forever! 

Golden Treasure for Your Skin

Rose Gold Oil! Yes, these are the three words for your skin if you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your skin concerns. Look no more further than the wondrous rose gold elixir by The Beauty co.! Rose gold oil gives you a naturally healthy-looking skin with its natural ingredients like Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Caprylic Oil, etc. Like other oils, it is not a greasy formula and absorbs instantly into your skin. Avoid using this elixir makeup with sponge, as it will end up soaking all the ingredients. Apply the oil directly on your face and skin! Let your skin talk with its natural golden glow!

Beauty co. rose gold oil can be used as make up base.

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What are the ingredients in the Rose Gold Oil?
The main ingredients of the Rose Gold Oil are rosehip seed oil and gold particles. These help give your skin a soft dewy glow.
When can I use Rose Gold Oil?
Rose Gold Oil can be used as a base coat before applying makeup and also as a standalone beauty oil.
I am using this product for the first time, what should I keep in mind?
If you are using the product for the first time, a patch test is highly recommended on the skin. This will help you determine if you skin is allergic to any of the ingredients present in the product. For patch test: Take a small amount of product and apply it on the inside of the wrist; cover it with a bandage and wait for 10-15 minutes. If you experience irritation, redness or itchiness, your skin may be allergic to the product. However, a slight change in the skin tone is normal and will subside within minutes.
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