Pixie Dust Combo for Glowing Skin (Combo of Rose Gold Oil+Charcoal Star Night Potion)

Rose Gold Beauty Oil - 25ml / Star Night Potion - 25ml



Clears build-up to clarify skin

Protects skin from toxins, UV damage

Hydrates, softens and firms skin

Provides necessary minerals to skin

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Get Up & Get Glowing!

When common skin concerns like dull, dry and rough skin keep you occupied, all you need is proper hydration with something natural, skin-friendly and smoothening. The Beauty Co. Pixie Dust Combo with Rose Gold Oil and Charcoal Star Night Potion is specially combined to give your facial skin a flawless look. A perfect blend of natural oils, Gold Dust, and White Gold Dust feed your skin with necessary minerals. This, in turn, hydrates your skin and keeps common skin concerns at bay. The texture becomes soft and smooth, and skin tone even.
Get your hands on The Beauty Co. Pixie Dust Combo for night-long nourishment and day full of radiant skin!

Rose Gold Oil

Apply The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil on your face & body with the dropper. Massage is gently like a moisturizer until it gets absorbed into the skin. It works great as a perfect base for your makeup

Charcoal Star Night Potion

Apply A few drops of The Beauty Co. Charcoal Star Night Potion on your face with the dropper. Massage it gently in a circular motion with your fingertips till it gets absorbed into the skin. Apply it every night before going to bed to enjoy spotless, seamlessly beautiful skin.

A perfect Combo for the Flawless skin!

Learning the art of self-defense has become important for all of us. We should be well-equipped in case an unknown, unfavorable force attacks us. The same goes for the skin too. Our skin is invariably attacked by the various impurities, harmful UV rays, heat, dirt, dust, toxic gases and chemicals in the make-up on a day-to-day basis. All these eventually take a toll on our skin’s health. So, it is imperative to equip our skin with a powerful shield that not only protects but also repairs it from these impurities. The Beauty Co. Charcoal Star Night Potion is a perfect remedy to repair your skin during the night to give you rejuvenated and refreshed skin in the morning. The night is the perfect time to let your skin recover, repair and regain its lost glory. While you are enjoying your beauty sleep, the powerful Night Potion clears impurities from the surface of the skin, unclogs the skin pores to clarify skin, softens the texture, provides necessary minerals to the skin and shields from UV damage. Loaded with antioxidants, Charcoal Star Night Potion scores a perfect ten when it comes to giving your skin a complete detox and eventually fulfilling skin nourishment.

Let The Beauty Co. Charcoal Star Night Potion help your skin fight back, while you dream of conquering the world!

Glow From Within

The Beauty Co. Pixie Dust Combo gives you skin that is worth enjoying the spotlight. Charcoal Star Night Potion is a potent mix of natural ingredients like Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, White Gold Dust and many more clarifies and nourishes your skin from within for you to wake up to clean and clear skin. The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil makes up for a perfect base for your makeup. It acts as a natural sheen and gives it a glamorous look throughout the day. 

Because It Gives The Care You Deserve!

In the era of busy schedules and irregular lifestyles, it has become inevitable to invest in a good skincare regime, that too not very time consuming one. The Beauty Co. Combo is a no-mess-easy-to-use made from natural ingredients and essential oils. It is the solution for your query of ultimate skincare!
So, what are you waiting for? 
Order NOW… and get GLOWING!
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