French Lavender Essential Oil (15ml)


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Fights hair loss, lice nits

Alleviates stress and anxiety

Reduces acne and scars

Perfect for Aromatherapy

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Lavender Essential Oil for beautiful you

Wholesome Care for your Natural Beauty

Not able to take care of your skin and hair because of your busy work schedule? Worry no more! Pollution and the urban lifestyle affect our skin and hair in various ways, and the best way to take care of your skin is to use the perfect essential oils. The Beauty Co. Lavender Essential Oil is everything you might be looking for, and more. Lavender Oil is very popular because of its calming aroma which is used to reduce stress and anxiety. This oil will maintain overall balance of your mind, body and soul and help you stay calm and happy. What’s more – because of its healing properties, it acts an anti acne oil and even cures various skin disorders. Along with all this goodness, the oil also gives you acne and scar-free skin. So stop wondering about how to remove pimples, as The Beauty Co. Lavender Oil is your one-stop solution to stay beautiful and happy.


The natural ingredients of this oil help in removing acne and pimples, reducing pigmentation and is suitable for all skin types.


Apply the Beauty Co. Lavender Essential Oil mixed with a carrier oil as a regular oil in your scalp and forget the problem relates lice, nits or hair loss


Add a few drops in a diffuser or your bath tub for the fresh fragrance of Lavender which helps you avoid stress and anxiety.

One Oil – Many Benefits

Lavender Oil

  • Improves brain function

  • Restores skin complexion

  • Reduces acne and scars

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Prevents hair loss

Experience the Magic of Lavender

The Beauty Co. Lavender Essential Oil is the perfect magic potion to help you maintain your natural beauty. Tanned and damaged skin will no more be a problem for you, when you have this oil in your skincare regime. The soothing fragrance of the Lavender makes it usable for not only taking care of your skin but also as a form of aromatherapy. Lavender Oil for Hair also has proven effects on the treatment of lice, nits and dandruff, making it perfect for taking care of your hair. Buy the Lavender Essential Oil by Beauty Co. and preserve the natural goodness of your skin.

Flaunt Your Skin and Hair Fearlessly

As the skin care experts would tell you, Lavender is one of the most beneficial oils for acne treatment and advanced hair care. Also, experts consider lavender oil for skin lightening and as an excellent tonic for the nerves as well as anxiety issues. Why to pamper your skin with chemicals when you have the natural ingredients to help you become more attractive than you are. Just a few The Beauty Co. Lavender Essential Oil uses can bring definite results for your skin and hair. The Beauty Co. brings a huge variety of skincare products for women infused with natural ingredients to elevate their beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop for other amazing products online and keep killing it!

Fight lice and nits with The Beauty Co. Lavender Essential Oil

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Akash Akki

Perfect product!

good product

09 Jul 2021

Chandralekha Majumder

Worth every penny


19 May 2021

Akbar Khan

Must buy!

Good product

07 May 2021

Pouravi Irannavar

Awesome Product

Helps to calm the skin. Also, use it on your pillow before sleeping. My skin turned great after using it.

12 Aug 2019

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Is The Beauty Co. Lavender Essential Oil pure or diluted?
All the essential oils by The Beauty Co. are natural, and pure botanical extract meant for skincare, haircare and aromatherapy.
What are the benefits of this essential oil?
This essential oil has many benefits on skin, hair and senses. It fights hair loss, scalp infections, lice and nits, treats acne breakouts and reduces scars. It is an excellent stress-buster as it alleviates anxiety and stress.
Can I apply it on the skin?
This oil can be applied on skin and hair after diluting or mixing it with a carrier oil like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.
I am using this product for the first time, what should I keep in mind?
If you are using the product for the first time, a patch test is highly recommended on the skin. This will help you determine if you skin is allergic to any of the ingredients present in the product. For patch test: Take a small amount of product and apply it on the inside of the wrist; cover it with a bandage and wait for 10-15 minutes. If you experience irritation, redness or itchiness, your skin may be allergic to the product. However, slight change in the skin tone is normal and will subside within minutes.
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