Activated Charcoal Glitter Glow Mask (100GM)


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Contains Glitters that Give you Instant Glow

Activated Charcoal for Deep Cleansing Action

Skin brightening and tightening

Fights early signs of aging & reduces fine lines

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Glam Glow Glitter

Glitter Peel Off Mask by The Beauty Co. is a divine amalgamation of natural products that provide an honest solution to solve skin troubles, Glitter Peel Off Mask by The Beauty Co. is your ultimate beauty savior. The mask containing glycerine & charcoal seals the nourishing qualities and lightens skin tone with regular use. Restore freshness and nails that weekend get-away look,Instantly! 

Hello, Beautiful!

The struggle for finding the perfect skin products is real, ladies! But here’s what the glittery skin fairy brought! The Beauty Co. Glow Mask is your solution to complete skin care every day in the morning! This glitter glow mask will make your skin shine like a bright summer day! The Beauty Co. Glow Mask is here to cleanse your skin of grease and grime, restoring its natural texture and glow. The presence of organic ingredients like Charcoal and Glycerin in The Beauty Co. Glow Mask extracts dirt and brightens your skin. The Beauty Co. Glow Mask makes up for a salon-like facial at home!


Cleanse your skin properly and get rid off all external impurities before you apply the Glow Mask. This will help our glitter mask really bond well with your skin and make the best of friends!


Apply a uniform layer of the Glow Mask on your brilliant face! Leave the area around the eyes and lips. Get ready to wait 15-20 minutes to fall in love with your skin all over again while our glitter mask dries.


Once the mask is dry, let the peeling begin! Start around the edges and get rid of all the issues that your skin deals with on a daily basis! Our unique no-mess-formula ensures that removing the mask leaves as little residue as possible!


Enjoy the rest of your day, beautiful! This mask helps your skin stay hydrated and soft! Apply moisturizer if you have extremely dry skin and you’re good to go! Confident, smiling skin right at home! Could this mask be any better?

Your Recipe to Perfect Skin


 Unclogs pores
 Removes impurities
 Removes dead skin cells
• Fights pollution


Treats Acne
Reduces Wrinkles
Reduces Fine Lines
Fights Infections


• Gives a Dewy Glow

• Fights Impurities

• Hydrates Skin

• Keeps skin supple


 Brightens skin
Purifies skin
Firming agent
Reduces fine lines

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Best Charcoal Peel Off Mask with No Mess Formula!

Missing your mom’s tender loving care? With active ingredients like activated charcoal,  glitters and glycerin, The Beauty Co. Glow Mask takes care of your skin like your beloved mom! Use this glitter mask and bid that final adieu to clogged pores, dull skin and various signs of ageing! The Aluminium and Platinum glitter will help firm your skin up and bring back your natural skin glow back back. It helps you go back in time by reduced appearance of wrinkles and complete skin brightening. Use this mask regularly for long lasting results and naturally younger looking skin glow!

Glowing Confident Skin for Today’s Confident Woman

The Beauty Co. Glow Mask is the best glow mask that deeply cleanses  your skin to make it  glow like the moon! A quick, hassle-free beauty hack that works like magic on all skin types! Dealing with stressed-out skin, pesky breakout, uneven skin tone or whiteheads was never so easy! We present you the perfect skin getaway! Not a big listed to-do skin care aisle, Just a pour-apply-peel. Here we are! With the best face mask for acne that peels your worries off! Let your skin retain moisture and breathe freely! You Glow Girl!

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28 Jun 2021

Flipkart Customer

Mind-blowing purchase

A good mask...Makes the face glow after usage.

11 Jun 2021

Priyanka Keerthana


Very nice and i really like it😍

07 Jun 2021

Sanjay Prajapati


Good product flipkart

09 Jun 2021

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What is Glow Mask Used for?
The Beauty Co. Glow Mask can be used for skin brightening and tightening. It also helps remove blackheads and whiteheads. Use it once or twice a week for soft and supple skin that glows throughout the day.
Can Glow Mask be used on dry skin?
Yes. The Beauty Co.’s hydrating formula ensures that our Glow Mask is suitable for all skin types.
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