Glitter Glow Power Pack (Lavender & Chamomile and Green Tea & Aloe Vera)

Lavender and Chamomile - 100gm / Green Tea & Aloe Vera - 100gm



Brightens skin tone

Treats premature signs of ageing

Reduces dark spots & eliminates scars

Contains Glitters that Give you Instant Glow

Quantity - Lavender and Chamomile - 100gm / Green Tea & Aloe Vera - 100gm

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How to Use?

When some fabulous ingredients come together to treat your skin, you know you will have the best skincare experience ever. The Beauty Co. Glitter Glow Masks for beautiful skin sensuously adheres to your skin to lighten and brighten it with great care. They wonderfully work on your dull and tired skin to prep it up for any occasion after a busy day at work. These highly effective peel-off mask detoxifies the skin, unclogs the pores, reduces dark spots and eliminates unwanted acne breakouts to save you from the embarrassment of ‘bad skin’ during social gatherings.


Cleanse your skin properly and get rid of all external impurities before you apply the Glow Mask.


Apply a thin, uniform layer of the Glow Mask on your brilliant face! Keep away from eyes, lips and hair. Wait for 15-20 minutes.


Once the mask is dry, start peeling around the edges and get rid of all the issues that your skin deals with on a daily basis!


Enjoy the rest of your day, beautiful! This mask helps your skin stay hydrated, soft and radiant!

Choose Freedom for your Skin!

Pondering over how to get instant skin glow? Well, we have got you covered. Yes, The Beauty Co. Glitter Glow Mask Combo, with four different variants, is here to give you gorgeously glowing skin… instantly. The glitter-enriched peel-off mask helps to pull out impurities from the clogged skin pores and gives you a complete skin detox. It evens skin tone giving it a rejuvenating appearance that deserves a spotlight!

The Beauty Co. Glitter Glow Mask Combo for sensuously gorgeous skin!

Get Glamorous with Glitter Glow Masks!

It always feels great to have a spotlight on you, wherever you go! The Beauty Co. Glitter Glow Mask Combo already makes you feel like a star with the spotless, flawless skin it renders. 
So, what are you waiting for? 
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