D’wine Juicy Lips - Lip Lightening Scrub (20gm)


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Lightens smokers’ lips

Exfoliates dead, flaky skin from lips

Heals chapped lips, removes tanned skin

Leaves lips moist & soft

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Lip Scrub for Ultra-Soft, Smooth Lips!

Having lips that are ultra-soft, smooth, and oh-so-loveable is always an amazing feeling. Agree? But have you ever thought that your lips too, might need a little care and attention? The Beauty Co. D'wine Juicy Lips - Lip Lightening Scrub Balm is the best aid you can look for! It is rich in beneficial properties of Red Wine, Berries, Beeswax, White Sugar & Castor Oil to guard your lips against possible harm. As an excellent exfoliant, this lip scrub removes dead, flaky skin caused due to repeated layers of makeup. This helps in better penetration of hydration products. Also, it heals chapped lips, lightens smokers' lips, and removes tanned skin due to UV damage. Eventually, it reveals the original soft, and smooth texture of your lips leaves it moist, and helps the makeup to stay longer!
Reveal the secret to luscious lips with the red wine lip scrub by The Beauty Co. D’wine!


Wash your lips with water to get rid of any residue.


Take The Beauty Co. D’wine Juicy Lips - Lip Lightening Scrub Balm and apply it on the lips.


Gently rub on to lips for 1-2 minutes to exfoliate the flaky, tanned skin.


Rinse thoroughly for moist, smooth & soft lips!

Natural Infusions for Healthy Skin!

Wine Extract

  • I soothe lips of inflammation, irritation
  • I Impart natural shine
  • I treat wrinkles, loose skin


  • I am your skin’s best friend!
  • I help in the regeneration of cells
  • No saggy skin if I am around


  • I protect skin from damage due to UV rays & toxins
  • I am high on antioxidants
  • I revive skin’s tone & texture

Strawberry Extract

  • Lips’ best pal, that’s me!
  • I impart a smooth texture
  • I protect from sun damage

Raspberry Extract

  • I tighten the skin
  • I polish the lips’ skin
  • I provide bright & plump lips

Blackberry Extract

  • I boost collagen 
  • I am rich in vitamins & antioxidants
  • I stop free radicals that damage skin


  • I am your lips’ favourite!
  • I provide intense hydration
  • … and dewy glow, naturally


  • I soothe lips of cuts & cracks
  • I soften the lips
  • I make them oh-so-lovable!

Castor Oil

  • I repair dry, chapped lips
  • I keep the lips moist
  • I nourish the skin on and around lips

White Sugar

  • I deep exfoliate the lips
  • I remove dry, dead & flaky skin
  • I remove the tanned layer to reveal the original skin

Let Your Pout Do the Talking!

Make heads turn while your lips do the talking… thanks to The Beauty Co. D’wine Juicy Lips -  Lip Lightening Scrub Balm! As you may know, the red wine lip scrub benefits are aplenty. So why wait?
Slip one of the best lip scrubs into your everyday skincare kit, and slay with your pout!
Using natural extract, oils & ingredients, at the skin and hair's best advantage has become The Beauty Co.'s forte! 
No wonder every product at The Beauty Co. elevates the overall health of skin & hair, beauty quotient, and appeal, naturally! Shop amazing products from our extensive collection of skincare, hair care, body care & oral care online for The Care You Deserve!

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Prashant Rathore Prashant Rathore


It's a good product for lip care.

02 Jun 2021

Flipkart Customer

Good quality product


23 Apr 2021

Flipkart Customer

Classy product

Best product

16 Apr 2021

Minakshi b.

Best Lip scrub for chapped lips

This lip scrub is so gentle on your lips that it can easily remove the dead skin of the lips without pain. it nourishes the lips deeply and gives you a supple lips. it has shea butter,castor oil, beeswax & wine extract like amazing ingredients which is go

30 Mar 2021

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What are the benefits of this lip scrub?
The Beauty Co. D’wine Juicy Lips - Lip Lightening Scrub Balm exfoliates flaky, dead skin from the lips, and enables better penetration of hydration products. This, in turn, helps the makeup to stay on for a longer time. Also, it removes rough, tanned skin, lightens smokers’ lips and repairs chapped lips giving them a moist, smooth, and soft texture.
Is it made from natural ingredients?
Enriched with Castor Oil, White Sugar, Beeswax & Extract of Wine & Berries, it removes rough skin, moisturizes it, lightens smokers' lips, and heals chapped lips giving them a moist, smooth, and soft texture.
Which type of skin can use it?
The Beauty Co. D’wine Juicy Lips - Lip Lightening Scrub Balm is suitable for all skin types.
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