Cuticle Oil Combo for Healthy Cuticles & Nails (15ml)

Vitamin E Cuticle Oil - 15ml / Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil - 15ml



Natural oil blend rich in antioxidants

Hydrates & heals dry & damaged cuticles

Reduces brittleness of nails

Renders soft cuticles & healthy, shiny nails

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For Cuticles & Nails That Are Noteworthy!

Combos are designed for those who do not choose between the two best products. It is for those who prefer to enjoy the best of both. The Beauty Co. Cuticle Combo, too, is a combination of two highly potent Cuticle Oils that give you the best remedy for your damaged cuticles and nails. Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil and Vitamin E Cuticle Oil provide much-needed care, nourishment, and attention to your fingertips and toe tips that we often ignore. The Beauty Co. Cuticle Oil Combo heals and soothes cracked and damaged cuticles. Also, it effectively works on the nails that become dry, weak, and ridged after prolonged use of nail polish, making them stronger and shinier. The intensely hydrating Cuticle Oil Combo nourishes the dry skin around the nail and boosts nails growth, giving you beautiful fingertips!

After all, The Beauty Co. Cuticle Oil Combo is your solution to complete cuticle & nail care, naturally!


Take a few drops of The Beauty Co. of your preferred The Beauty Co. Cuticle Oil.


Apply it evenly on all the cuticles – hands & toes, and around the nail area.


Massage it gently to increase blood circulation, soften cuticles & stimulate nail growth.


Use it regularly to flaunt healthy cuticles with longer, stronger, shinier nails.

Snap Your Fingers… In Style!

Are you looking to fix your dry cuticles and depressed nails? The Beauty Co. Cuticle Oil Combo offers just what you are looking for! It is a combination of the effective nail and cuticle oil to repair, revive, and revitalize your one of the most exposed body part – cuticles & nails. After continually getting exposed to chemicals, soaps, dust, and pollution, they may need care and attention. However, when we ignore them, they scream through cracked cuticles and brittle, peeling nails. This is when The Beauty Co. Cuticle Oil Combo - Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil and Vitamin E Cuticle Oil comes to the rescue. With ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Milk, and Honey, it thoroughly hydrates the nails and skin around it. Easy-to-absorb, this oil not only heals cuts, scars, and rashes but also strengthens the nails preventing breakage with a promise to render shine & length, both. 

Thanks to this natural oil blend rich in antioxidants, your nails will now outshine others’.

Nail Spa Now At Home!

Brush away the fear of dry cuticles and dull, brittle nails during important events. Give your cuticles and nails a healthy makeover with The Beauty Co. Cuticle Oil Combo.  Considered to be one of the best cuticles oil combos, it undoes the damage and infuses life into your cuticles and nails, effortlessly! 

The Beauty Co. comes with an extensive collection of beauty products infused with natural ingredients to elevate the beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop other amazing products from our selection online and keep killing it!

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