Coffee Scrub, Soft Touch Lotion & Toner Combo for Skincare Routine


Possesses anti-aging properties

Exfoliates skin & removes impurities

Treats acne & purifies skin

Imparts natural glow & radiance

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Instant Revival of Skin!

The Beauty Co. Coffee Scrub for skin, Soft Touch Lotion & Toner Combo is an effective combo to give yourself one of the best skincare routines. The blend of Natural Oils with Coffee Robusta Seed Powder exfoliates your skin to the tee giving you a clean and smooth texture. Follow it up with Toner and Soft Touch Lotion to instantly revive its dewy glow. Isn't it the perfect recipe for your skin? Practice it regularly to gift yourself enviable skin.

Because It Gives The Care You Deserve!

In the era of busy schedules and irregular lifestyles, it has become inevitable to invest in a good skincare regime, that too not a very time consuming one. The Beauty Co. Combo is a no-mess-easy-to-use made from natural ingredients and essential oils. It is the solution for your query of ultimate skincare!So, what are you waiting for?

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Healthy Skincare Routine for Happy Skin!

Many times we are full of energy to socialize and party the night away after a hectic day at work… but our skin is not! And it shows. The dull, dry, tired skin speaks volumes about how it feels. This is the time when The Beauty Co. Coffee Scrub, Soft Touch Lotion & Toner Combo for skincare routine comes to the rescue. It is a perfect CTM Combo to maintain a healthy skincare routine. And in case, you miss out on it daily, just use it before stepping outdoor, and we promise it won't disappoint. It scrubs the dullness off your skin, restores moisture and hydrates skin giving you skin that glowing and glamorous.
What else do you need to make heads turn?

Coffee Scrub

Take The Beauty Co. Coffee Scrub and apply it on your face & body. Massage it gently in circular motions to remove all the impurities settled on the surface and soak in all the goodness of natural oils. Rinse it with water.

Soft Touch Lotion

Take a blob of The Beauty Co. Soft Touch Lotion, and apply it liberally on your face & body. Massage gently to let the skin absorb the nourishing skin-softening lotion thoroughly. Enjoy soft & supple skin all day long.


Cleanse your skin with water (or cleansing lotion). Pour a few drops of The Beauty Co. Toner on a cotton pad. Wipe it thoroughly over your face and neck to remove impurities or make-up residue.

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