Body Scrub, Charcoal Star Night Potion & Toner Combo for Pure Skin (Body Scrub + Star Night Potion + Rose Toner)

Body Scrub - 100gm / Star Night Potion - 25ml / Toner - 200ml



Exfoliates skin & eliminates dirt, toxins

Provides necessary minerals to the skin

Hydrates & softens skin

Treats acne, pimples

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Normalize Your Skin!

The Beauty Co. Coffee Scrub for skin, Charcoal Star Night Potion & Toner Combo identifies the problem area on your skin, works on it and revives your skin like none other. Coffee Robusta Seed Powder eliminates dirt and removes grime from the surface of your skin, while Charcoal Star Night Potion repairs the damages on the skin through the night. Also, ingredients like White Gold Dust and Essential Oils provide essential elements to the skin. Lastly, the Toner formulated with Glycerin softens, soothes and smoothens skin to make it supple and touch-worthy. All in all, this potent combo removes impurities, repairs damages and revitalizes skin

Because It Gives The Care You Deserve!

In the era of busy schedules and irregular lifestyles, it has become inevitable to invest in a good skincare regime, that too not a very time consuming one. The Beauty Co. Combo is a no-mess-easy-to-use made from natural ingredients and essential oils. It is the solution for your query of ultimate skincare!
So, what are you waiting for? 
Order NOW… and get GLOWING!

The Beauty Co. comes with an extensive collection of beauty products infused with natural ingredients to elevate the beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop other amazing products from our selection online and keep killing it!

Pay Heed To Your Skin’s Need

Skincare routine is not just a mundane task we perform on daily routine; it is a beauty therapy to make ourselves feel good about our skin. You know what they say, happy skin makes happy you! That’s the reason The Beauty Co. has come up with the Coffee Scrub for, Star Night Potion & Toner Combo for pure skin to pamper your skin the right way. All three products work as troubleshooters for your skin to heal the damage done on a daily basis.
Be it dull skin or dead skin cells, dry skin and acne or merely lack of attention, this combo suffice all.So, get your hands on this troubleshooting combo and target the problem area NOW!

Coffee Scrub

Take The Beauty Co. Coffee Scrub and apply it on your face & body. Massage it gently in circular motions to remove all the impurities settled on the surface and soak in all the goodness of natural oils. Rinse it with water.

Charcoal Star Night Potion

Apply a few drops of The Beauty Co. Charcoal Star Night Potion on your face with the dropper. Massage it gently in a circular motion with your fingertips till it gets absorbed into the skin. Apply it every night before going to bed to enjoy spotless, seamlessly beautiful skin.


Cleanse your skin with water (or cleansing lotion). Pour a few drops of The Beauty Co. Toner on a cotton pad. Wipe it thoroughly over your face and neck to remove impurities or make-up residue.

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