The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist for Hydrating Skin (100ML)


Intensely hydrating

Renders smooth, soft & supple skin

Treats dryness & dullness

Soothes skin damage due to UV rays

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Aloe, the Best Healer & Reliever!

​We may be unknown to the fact of how prolonged exposure to the sun damages our skin tissues. Moreover, sweat, dirt, and dust make it unenduring for the skin, making it dull, dry and drab. At this juncture, The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist comes to the rescue by healing and relieving skin of inflamed tissues, redness, irritation, burns, and rashes. The cooling properties of Aloe Vera provide instant relief to the inflamed skin and prevent it from peeling and flaking further.

So, the next time you feel a tingling, burning sensation on your skin when you are outdoor, simply sprinkle The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist on your skin to cool and calm it.
  • Take The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist and spray it on the face and body as and when required.
  • Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant all day long with the hydrating mist

The Aloe Magic!

    • Possesses hydrating & cooling properties
    • Soothes sunburn, rashes or irritation
    • Natural anti-aging agent
    • Controls excess sebum & maintains pH level
    • Clears build-up
    • Cleans skin
    • Prevents common skin concerns
    • Renders healthy glow
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Glow with Aloe

The magical benefits of Aloe Vera on the skin are not unknown to us. It not only locks the moisture in the skin and diminish signs of aging but also soothe the skin from damage due to UV rays. The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist’s intensely hydrating formula keeps dry, flaky and peeling skin at bay. Made from natural Aloe Vera Extract, the mist penetrates your skin tissues and leaves your skin soft, supple and radiant with every spray. Devoid of harmful chemicals, this hydrating mist does a world of good to your skin every time you feel sweaty and itchy.

Shower your skin with a pleasant surprise with The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist!

A Pleasant Surprise for your Skin!

Aloe Vera has withstood the test of time and emerged as one of the best natural skincare ingredients since time immemorial. The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist is the best skincare product to fall back on during sweaty, sweltering days.
Add this hydrating mist to your vanity kit to get a vibrant glow even when others are sweating it out!
The Beauty Co. offers a large variety of natural skincare products to let you take care of your skin during busy schedules as well. Grab the best ones for you today!


Is this mist made with natural ingredients?
Yes, The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist is made with natural Aloe Vera Extracts, which has intensely hydrating properties.
When can I use this mist?
Ideally, you can use The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist as and when you require, especially on a hot & humid day.
Is this mist suitable for all skin types?
Yes, this mist is suitable for all skin types – normal, dry and oily or combination skin type.
How does this mist benefit my skin?
The Beauty Co. Aloe Vera Mist is intensely hydrating, which soothes and calms your skin from sunburn or inflammation. It maintains pH balance, treats signs of ageing like wrinkles & fine lines and renders healthy glow to the skin.

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