The Beauty Co. Active Charcoal Coffee Scrub (200GM)


Draws out dirt, dust, and oil

Unclogs clogged pores

Renders an even skin tone

Gets rid of acne, blackheads, whiteheads

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It’s More Than Basic!

Doing all the basic for skin still wondering where you left out? Here’s the best skin care regime, which is guaranteed to give you healthy, glowing skin. Not big to-do lists, just a pack of wonder that will scrub your worries, discard the skin mess, giving you a radiant glow, in just a wash. Meshed with coffee scrub benefits and charcoal, it isn't just a basic cleanser. Accumulated with secrets for glowing skin, it is definitely a hot spot, no one should miss! Rejuvenate your skin with Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub, you will thank us later!

Note - Store in a cool and a Dry Place. Also, the packaging must not be changed.
  • Wet your face with lukewarm water and take a generous amount of scrub to exfoliate your face and body.
  • Gently massage the face and body in a circular motion for a few minutes to exfoliate the dead skin cells.
  • Relax for 3 to 5 minutes; allow the scrub to hydrate your skin & soak in all the goodness of rich ingredients.
  • Rinse the scrub off and do away with dull and dead skin within minutes. Be naturally
    beautiful inside out.

Your Recipe to Perfect Skin

Stay Cool with Charcoal!

Are you fed up with tonnes of skin care products and not getting the desired results? Here’s a solution. Dump all those and get your hands on The Beauty Co. Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub. Better than anything else, the best body scrub for glowing skin will gently draw bacteria, toxins, dirt, and excessive oil and carry them away when you wash the Charcoal coffee scrub. Unlike other scrubs, it is won’t make your skin dry and rough. Let your skin embrace the benefits of natural ingredients like Coffee Robusta Seed Powder, Argan Oil, Sugar, and Coconut Oil making it cleaner, smoother and healthier. Be ever ready for the timeless care, ladies!

Because Coffee is Always a COOL Idea!

Skin for women is everything. And we actually mean EVERYTHING! The Beauty Co. Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub for acne prone skin gets the dirt, cleanses pores and protects your skin from harmful bacteria that floats in the environment and destroys them before they get deep into the skin from the surface. Ouch-for demons that blocks your naturally beautiful skin. No mercy as charcoal face scrub keeps them at bay. Pamper yourself by acing the idea, because why not! 
The Beauty Co. brings a vast variety of beauty products infused with natural ingredients to elevate their beauty quotient and appeal, naturally! Shop for other amazing products online and keep killing it!


Does The Beauty Co. Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub help get rid of dead skin?
Yes, the Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub removes dead and dull skin to give you smooth glowing skin.
How to apply the Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub?
Wet your skin, spread the scrub over it and massage gently. Leave the scrub on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off to reveal revived skin.
Is there real coffee extract in the Activated Charcoal Coffee Scrub?
Yes, every product made by The Beauty Co. contains natural extracts to give your skin the gentle nourishment it deserves.

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