Swing into spring with these 7 beauty hacks

With the warmth of the sun breaking through the winter cold, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. You need to keep yourself and your skin hydrated as the temperature changes. We’ve got 7 great skincare tips that you should add to your routine to keep your skin healthy and beautiful during spring.

Always exfoliate

Going from winter to spring can lead to a weird combination of oily and sweaty but dry skin. Regular exfoliation can remove the dry, flaky skin and keep your skin smooth. Without exfoliation, your makeup may not sit as well as you’d want. Use a gentle cleanser that will exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Mist is bliss

In the midst of a hot day, a mist spray will not just provide relief from the heat, but will re-energise your skin. This gives you a refreshed look and keeps your face bright through the day. Find a mist that’s suitable to your skin or you can even make one at home. An easy DIY recipe includes a cup of green tea with a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil. Pour it into a spray bottle and use it to freshen up on the go. 

Lighten your makeup

With the summer heat approaching, your makeup choices can mean the difference between a cakey face and a fresh one. Choose lightweight foundations and concealers. Keep your makeup look soft and natural with a hint of bright colors to match the bright flowers of spring!

Pick the right moisturiser

You can ditch the intense moisturisers but you still need to moisturise! Choosing the best body lotion for you can be tricky as skin types vary. You can get a non-sticky non-greasy one like Soft Touch from The Beauty Co. It keeps your skin oh-so soft without the heaviness. If you’re one to bask in the sun, you need ample sunscreen. To keep the tan at bay, you can also use a skin lightening cream or a detan facepack regularly.

Intense Deodorant

Make sure your deo gives you long-lasting protection against perspiration and odor. Nowadays, there are plenty of options in the market that have an aluminum-free and paraben-free formula. They may cost a bit more than the regular ones but they are totally worth it as they steer clear of the harmful chemicals. 

Love your knees and elbows

Winter is known to dry out elbows and knees leaving behind tough skin to break. You need to moisture them regularly but spring is a good time to give the moisturiser a break and focus on restoring their color. The Elbow & Knee Whitening Cream from The Beauty Co. might just be the thing for you. It removes dead skin, evens out the skin town, hydrates the skin and eliminates patchy skin.

Pamper your feet and hands

It’s time to say goodbye to cracked heels and dry hands. This is the best time to restore moisture back into them. Using a good foot cream can take you from hiding your feet in shoes to flaunting them in open heels, wedges and flats!

Switch up your routine with these tips to help keep your skin forever glowing come rain or shine!

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