Shine on! Glitter all the way this party season

Before the New Year turns its fresh page, keep your spirits high and indulge in the fun-packed celebrations. It is that time of the year to cherish your most beautiful memories of the bygone year- 2018, also decorate the house, go on a shopping spree, buy gifts, prepare a feast, and amuse yourself in late night parties and delectable Christmas desserts. Believe it or not, with festival ecstasy, there comes the festive pressure and the festive fatigue that surely take a toll on your skin! 

Hence, as you get ready to plunge in the Christmas revelries, adopt a skincare regime that makes you glow from within and gives instantaneous radiance as you fully partake in the Christmas celebration and have unlimited fun. The Beauty Co.’s has the perfect product range from scrub to beauty oil that heals the dull skin with its miraculous ingredients and boosts the healthy radiance of your skin. 

Here, we present to you our five quintessential products that will brilliantly treat your dull and tired skin, and keep you shining like a star this party season:

1. Exfoliate- Let your skin smell coffee

As you go about glamming yourself with your favourite makeup, scrubbing becomes the altogether more important beauty ritual to help your skin get rid of the chemicals, impurities like blackheads or whiteheads, dead skin, and let your skin breathe afresh! 

The Beauty Co.’s coffee scrubs are available in diverse combinations like activated charcoal, mango, strawberry, chocolate or coffee sugar. They are full of anti-oxidants and along with exfoliating your skin, it combats cellulite, reduces dark spots, fights aging along with leaving a lingering coffee smell all over your body. 

2. Mask- Glow n’ Glitter this holiday season

With great partying and overindulgence in sweet things and just a little sleep will surely cause stress to your skin. A good face mask is the need of the time that helps to repair the damaged skin along with tightening and toning it. 

In this party season, our Glitter Glow Mask should be inevitably kept in your daily beauty kit. Crafted with natural ingredients like charcoal and glycerine, it’s an easy peel off mask that effectively removes dirt and oil and instantly gives you the party ready glow. 


3. Moisturize- Cleanses and makes your skin baby soft 

Cold and dry winds along with the party season could definitely add to your skin woes if the sensitive area of your skin is not properly hydrated or moisturized. Also, putting makeup on a dehydrated face can actually make you look worse. Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist, warns, “Makeup sticks to dry areas on the skin and even seeps into fine lines.”

Therefore, the right kind of moisturizer should be a part of a daily skincare routine. Our Soft Touch Lotion with a blend of cocoa butter, glycerine and water helps to properly cleanse your skin, boosts its natural glow and is a 48-hour hydration formula. It is the best moisturizer to make you feel baby soft this Christmas season.

4. Golden Glow- Get a dewy and radiant look 

Ancient Egyptians were known for their vibrant and flawless skin. The main reason behind it was their habit of massaging their face with oil. Facial oils, along with moisturizing your skin, form a thin protective layer on your skin that protects your skin from harmful UV rays and also helps to hydrate your skin. 

Our Rose Gold Oil is the miraculous oil that consists of 24k gold that helps to reverse the aging process of your skin and other essential oils that nourishes your skin while giving you a dewy look. One can use it under foundation, mix it with foundation and can also use it above foundation as a highlighter. Rose Gold Oil wonderfully blends with your skin and is a non-greasy formula for a natural golden glow.

With The Beauty Co.’s fabulous products, let your skin feel loved and pampered. It is time that your skin should look and feel as good as you do on the inside!

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