Presenting an all-new Range of Chocolate Coffee Products

Chocolate and Coffee are the two foods that we crave at any given point of time. Be it right after an intense workout, for midnight munching, for a fresh morning kick, or sometimes just to mend our broken hearts. They’ve always managed to put us in an instant good mood! Now it’s time you let your skin dive into the richness and goodness of this heavenly combination. Presenting our all-new Chocolate Coffee Range that’s #SkinfullyYours!

Chocolate Coffee Body Wash

It’s time to start treating your skin right! Dirt, acne, wrinkles, dullness, ain’t got nothing on you! With the power of cocoa and robusta beans combined, we’d like to introduce your skin to our nourishing Chocolate Coffee Body Wash. With the antioxidants properties of chocolate and anti-aging properties of coffee, say hello to fresh, youthful skin!

Chocolate Coffee Body Scrub

There is nothing in the world that a cup of coffee can’t cure… Or maybe, in this case, a scoop of our Chocolate Coffee Body Scrub! Let the aroma of coffee lift your mood and the goodness of chocolate seep into your skin to make it flawless! No matter how harsh those tan lines may be, reduce them with ease, and be ready to flaunt that beautiful glow!

Chocolate Coffee Body Butter

Did you know why Betty bought some butter? Because she wanted to keep her skin velvety smooth! But what if we tell you can make your skin smooth AND add a great fragrance to it? Introducing our Chocolate Coffee Body Butter! While you need water for hydration, all your dry skin needs is a dollop of this body butter to give it intense hydration! Its smooth texture will definitely make you fall in love with it.

Chocolate Coffee Fash Wash

This divine range of chocolate and coffee is here to ensure that it provides your face with the same goodness as that of your soul! A food for your glowing skin, our Chocolate Coffee Face Wash is here to become an integral part of your daily regime. The cocoa and robusta extracts are here to replenish, repair as well as retain the moisture of your skin. It’s time you bid farewell to those nasty acne as well as pimples and slay your glow, wherever you go!

Chocolate Coffee Face Scrub

Be it fine lines or tan lines they won’t be the reason that’ll make you whine! No matter how busy life may get, we are here to help you pamper and treat your skin right! It’s time to ditch the dullness with a thorough exfoliation of Chocolate Coffee Face Scrub. Loaded with natural ingredients, this scrub not only helps you in getting rid of tan lines but also enhances the overall tone and texture of your skin to ace that perfect go-getter look.

Chocolate Coffee Face Mask

Sometimes masking your worries actually helps you unveil your beautiful skin! Take your face on a guilt-free journey to let cocoa and robusta work its magic with our Chocolate Coffee Face Mask. Our natural exfoliator coffee removes dead skin cells to give you soft and supple skin, while the chocolate’s anti-aging properties give you a youthful glow. 

Create a spa-like environment from the comfort of your home with our #SkinfullyYours Chocolate Coffee Range of products!
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