Let Your Skin Slay During Monsoons!

When we hear the word monsoon, we think of sipping hot chocolate, snuggled up in a corner with a book in hand or the fresh smell of popcorn for your binge-watching session. What we’re trying to say is, we all love monsoons as long as we’re warm and dry in the house. The minute we have to step out during a heavy fall, all hell breaks loose. The recurring skin problems knock on your door for a surprise visit. From break-outs, acne, dry skin to various other skin infections, monsoon may be your favourite season, but it’s not your skin’s. Treat your skin right and don’t let the monsoon rain on your skin’s parade with these easy tricks.

1) Screen Your Skin From The Invisible Sun

The clouds could be quite shady at times. They might trick you into believing there’s no sun, little do you know that the sun rays exist and they are always ready to attack your skin. The harmful UV rays might steal your skin’s shine while showing signs of premature ageing. It’s always wise to apply your skin’s guard, sunscreen lotion, and rescue your skin from all the monsoon worries.

2) Say No To Wet Clothes

In the beginning, it may seem like a great idea to have a nostalgic dance in the rain, but enjoying it also comes with a price! Once you’re indoors, just shake off the rainwater and its toxins because they might just be the culprits of that itchy skin. Post a liberating rain shower, ensure you take a nice warm bath for an itch-free skin, and peaceful sleep.

3) Exfoliation for the win

There are some days where it feels like it may rain all day and the weather will be pleasant, but instead, you’re stuck with an hour-long spurt of rain and 23 hours of intense humid climate. These days are the worst for your wonderful skin. The sweat caused by humidity may attract dirt and pollutants. Later, these give birth to blackheads, acne, and even make your skin dull. Give your skin a spa-like experience and make sure you exfoliate those blackheads away with our Coffee Scrub Range.

4) Oil your oily skin

Yes, you read that right. Monsoon is called gloomy weather for a reason. It tends to throw shade on pleasant weather and your skin too by making it dull and dry. To avoid that, a few minutes after you’ve washed your face, give your skin the goodness of essential oil. It not only unclogs your pores but helps your skin in retaining its original glow, without making it greasy. Tea-tree is a better choice if you’re fighting fungal infections, acne, and blackheads.

5) Time for some aromatherapy

Don’t let the grey skies put a damp on your mood! Attain nirvana with the help of aromatherapy. Just diffuse a few drops of any essential oil of your choice and calm your senses within minutes. Works like magic!

This monsoon, be prepared to slay the rains in your own style!
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