Have winter-ready skin and hair with Tea Tree

Winter’s here!!!! 

This means cosy nights, lazy mornings, a hot cup of coffee, and Gajar ka Halwa. Well, let’s not forget a few uninvited guests like dry skin, breakouts and dandruff.
But why let them kill your winter vibes when you can give them a cold shoulder? (pun intended)
Ladies and gentlemen, ‘tis time to welcome the Tea Tree in the house and shove those skin problems out.

Follow these steps and you won’t ever have to whine in winters 

Step 1: Show the acne, its way out
Dry outside, warm inside, can make your skin secrete more sebum. Keep that oil off. Wash your face with The Beauty Co. Tea Tree and Neem Face Wash. Tea Tree’s known to reduce the amount and severity of acne by controlling excess oil and soothe the skin by reducing the irritation. Tea Tree with add-on benefits of Neem is just what you need to fight acne this winter. 

Step 2: Close the pores shut 
Were you just going to skip the step of toning thinking it’s going to dry out your skin? Well, you’ll thank us for saving you from committing this mistake because you need the toners to close those open pores. So for winters, opt for toners like the Tea Tree Toner that will shrink your pores and by following it up with a cream or a moisturizer, your skin will stay hydrated. 

Step 3: Hydrate, hydrate,hydrate your skin and hair!
Dry skin and brittle hair impairing your idea of perfect winters? Not anymore. The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Essential oil made from natural Tea Tree extracts will be your saviour. Just add a few drops of the oil in your regular coconut oil and await the magic! The anti-inflammatory property of Tea Tree oil will soothe your irritated skin. So diluting a few drops of our Tea Tree Essential oil in your carrier lotion will help in restoring moisture. You are so winter-ready!

Step 4: Relieve your tresses from its distress
Itching and dry hair is a nightmare. Don’t let that white flakes annoy you during the season of snowflakes. Let’s just say Tea Tree hates flaky skin and dandruff. So just keep The Beauty Co. Tea Tree and Rosemary by your side and you won’t have to worry about your hair problems. 

Now that you’re prepped up for the winters, rock your winter look!

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