Have a skin-safe summer with sunscreen!

In an Indian summer, avoiding a tan is next to impossible. A few minutes in the sun and a glance in the mirror afterwards can make you wonder how strong the sun’s rays really are! It only takes a few minutes to tan or sunburn, but it takes months for it to go away. Wouldn’t it be great to just enjoy the sun with no worries of damage to your skin?

Introducing Sunscreen SPF50 from The Beauty Co. that comes with a plethora of benefits! 

  • It helps prevent sun tan
  • Shields you from the harmful UV rays of the sun
  • It provides deep nourishment so your skin stays hydrated
  • It acts as a cooling agent against the summer heat

Why do you need sunscreen?
The sun emits two types of harmful rays - UVA and UVB. 

  • UVA rays have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and cause premature aging. 
  • UVB rays primarily cause sunburn.

From kids to senior folk, everyone needs sunscreen if they plan to stay out under the sun for more than 15 minutes. Sunscreen is needed even on a cloudy day as the UV rays are still present.

Sunscreen reduces the chances of skin cancer, stops premature signs of aging, reduces brown spots and skin discoloration, and prevents sunburn and sun tan.

Why choose The Beauty Co. Sunscreen?
The Beauty Co. Sunscreen has been formulated based on problems faced under the Indian sun. 

SPF levels - SPF levels around the world usually range between 15 and 45. But in India, the sun is much stronger and sharper. The Sunscreen from The Beauty Co. has a level of SPF50 to give you more effective protection.

Aqua - Your force against dehydration! This vital ingredient cleanses your skin, gets rid of impurities, thereby reducing the chances of pimples. Aqua enables your skin to retain moisture keeping it hydrated through the summer heat.

Aloe Vera - A natural cooling agent, it helps cure sunburn and firms up the skin. Aloe vera has miraculous healing properties and will help revive skin from any damage.

Cucumber Oil - An absolute summer refresher! This oil reduces oiliness, detoxifies your skin and keeps it fresh! It also reduces acne and spots keeping your skin blemish free. 

Sunflower Oil - Blooming in summer, bright sunflowers denote summer! The oil helps remove dead cells and bring down inflammation. Sunflower is a natural moisturiser and is really good for your skin.

Coconut Oil - The benefits of coconut are unending! For your skin alone, coconut can moisturise, fight infections, render a glow and brighten your tone.

Glycerin - A moisturising powerhouse! Glycerin has anti-aging properties that keep your skin soft and supple throughout. 

How to use The Beauty Co. Sunscreen SPF50?
To apply sunscreen and make it work effectively for you, you need to follow these steps:

Cleanse - It’s important to cleanse your skin before you apply anything on it. This will get rid of external impurities and leave your skin ready for your sunscreen.

Apply - It’s important to apply generously on any part of your body that is exposed to the sun such as your face, neck, hands, feet, and so on. Using too little can make the sunscreen ineffective. Take a dollop of sunscreen, dot it all over your face and body.

Massage - With sunscreen, you don’t need to rub it in like moisturiser. It’s better to pat it into your skin till it disappears. After this, you can massage your skin and ensure that the sunscreen is no longer seen.

Ideally, sunscreen should be applied 15-30 minutes before stepping outdoors. By following these steps, you ensure your skin stays protected from UV rays and sun tan. This summer, you can enjoy your freedom in the sun knowing your skin is protected and healthy! 

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