Happy Holi led to Unhappy skin? Here’s what you can do.

Happy Holi led to Unhappy skin? Here’s what you can do.
Vibrant colours mixed with excitement, joy and pure fun - Holi is only second to Diwali when it comes to the most widely celebrated festivals in India. Popularly known as the Festival of Colour, it’s celebrated by Indians all over the world with vivacity.

But in the midst of the enthusiasm, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves - especially our skin, hair and nails. It’s only after the festivities that we realise the damage that’s done.

Holi is not complete without playing with colors, but a lot of the colours available in the shop - powders and pastes - are highly questionable. Even using organic colors or homemade colours can still leave your skin in need of repair. We’ve listed out a few reasons your skin, hair and nails get damaged during Holi.

Dubious Colours
We know those colours aren’t good, but since everyone’s doing it, we go along! What are we left with? Tainted skin and nails for days, with dried out hair to go with it.

Sun exposure
It’s so easy to ignore the sunscreen. It’s extremely important to lather up with sunblock. Extended sun exposure can leave you tanned, sunburnt and dehydrated.

Clogged Pores
Well, this one is a given if you’re going to be covered in coloured paste and water all day, it’s bound to clog your pores. This could lead to acne, rashes, dry patches and unhealthy skin.

Prolonged Dampness
Being wet for too long can give you pruney fingers and toes, and can lead to dried out skin.

Holi is also referred to as the festival of love. And what’s not to love? Holi brings society together, putting aside differences, and celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Not to forget how much we all love the (ahem) bhaang. But after all the fun’s over, it’s time to show your skin and hair some love.

Take a warm shower
It’s best to take a warm shower right after. Avoid hot water as your skin has already been exposed to the sun and perhaps harsh chemicals.

Use a mild shampoo and bodywash
It’s best to wash off the colours with an effective but gentle shampoo and bodywash or soap.

If the colours do not come off, you can use milk cream or an intensive care lotion. This will help hydrate your skin and release the colours. It will also help replenish the skin and restore it back to being supple. You can also treat your hair with coconut oil to restore its shine.

Apart from this, for post-Holi care, we love the Glamore Box from The Beauty Company that helps not only restore your skin, but it also makes you glow.
In the Glamore Box, you’ll find

A Coffee Scrub which is perfect for removing impurities and loosening clogged pores. This will help prevent acne and release the dirt from within.

The Glitter Glow Mask that contains activated charcoal. This gives your skin a deep cleanse and results in beautiful glowing skin.

The Soft Touch Lotion offers 48-hour hydration and gives your skin the pampering that it needs. This lotion also works against acne and scars.

The final touch to restoring your skin is the Rose Gold Oil. This oil makes your skin soft and supple.

You can go ahead and revel in the festivities of Holi knowing that you can fully take good care of your skin, nails and hair!

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