Glow like a goddess this Navratri with these 9 beauty care tips

“Navratri is round the corner, and I can't wait to attend the Garba nights!”

Every girl out there is counting the days for Garba season to begin so that she can slay in her gorgeous outfits and to-the-point makeup. But amongst all the dancing and fun, skincare and haircare should not be sidelined.

So, here are a few skincare tips to slay the Garba season.

  • Hydration.
    Drinking an adequate amount of water will keep your skin glowing and healthy, is not unknown to anyone. Intake of water and juices will help in giving the skin a glow from within. 
  • Beauty sleep can solve major life problems.
    Don’t miss out on complete rest. This will have two advantages -- you will be energized for the dancing, and, you won’t have baggy eyes.

  • Go for WATERPROOF makeup.
    Don’t miss out on your chance to impress that cute guy. Waterproof makeup will keep your liner, kajal, and foundation in place. Speaking of foundations, apply a lightweight foundation to avoid excessive sweating.
  • Rosewater is the ultimate skin glower.
    Rosewater Toner helps in rendering a dewy glow to the skin which makes it look radiant. It helps in treating puffy eyes and dark circles. Treat your skin with chilled rose water by applying in strokes using cotton wool pads.

  • Sync your waxing schedule with the Garba nights.
    Make sure your hands, underarms, and back are well waxed and polished. Get your parlor appointment a few days prior to the start of the festival, to avoid any breakouts.
  • Don’t forget your hair.
    Use hair masque/hair conditioner/hair serum to overcome all the frizz caused by sweating. Don’t forget to mix your regular hair oil with a few drops of Essential oils, before massaging to give them the required nourishment before washing them.

  • Scrub off the dirt.
    Dead skin cells, sweat, dirt, and oil can accumulate upon the surface of your skin, day after day, resulting in a little dull and even flaky skin. A scrub with activated charcoal, and other ingredients like coconut oil, and coffee robusta seed powder will help in restoring the glow on your skin with regular use.
  • Peel off excess oils.
    Dancing for long hours leads to sweaty and oily skin. This will result in acne and blemishes. A peel-off mask is the best solution to overcome acne and blemishes. Using a peel-off mask will help in revitalizing dull and dry skin and will keep skin free from radicals.
  • Cucumber your cool buddy
    Pandal hopping, meeting relatives, dancing etc can be stressful for your skin too. It can cause irritation, itchiness & redness on your skin. Cucumber Face Mist comes to your rescue. Using it keeps your skin hydrated, cool and fresh, naturally.
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