Get Your Glow on with Facial Yoga

A radiant face, they say, is the outcome of effective skincare products in tandem with some toning, massaging and exercise. The high-quality skincare products quite much do the task to clean, clear and rejuvenate your skin. However, radiance can also be derived by performing facial exercises or facial yoga, which keeps your skin healthy, glowing and youthful!

Why Facial Yoga?
Facial Yoga is a combination of facial exercises that help to tone and firm the 57 muscles in the face and neck to boost adequate blood circulation and get rid of common skin concerns like acne, pimples, wrinkles, and dullness for a youthful appearance. While quality topical lotions certainly can help reduce the everyday skincare damage, glowing & healthy-looking skin starts on the inside with a regular dose of exercise, nutrients, and detox.

Effective Facial Yoga Exercises 

Put all the four fingers of both the hands vertically in the center of the forehead and slowly pull them outward towards the temple, massaging the forehead. This helps to get rid of the wrinkles (if any) on the forehead, and gives a healthy glow.

Eye & Around
Dull skin, wrinkles around the eyes, and dark circles have always been a pressing issue for many. Stretch the eyelids and look upwards at the same time; this will prevent the drooping of eyelids in the long run.

Another exercise could be pulling the below-eye area down with the first three fingers, and looking upwards at the same time. This will boost the blood circulation around the eyes lightening the dark circles. While massaging around the eye area, ensure to use the ring finger; ring finger being the weakest avoids damaging or stretching the skin excessively.

Glowing or not, your cheeks are the reflection of your skin’s health. So, it’s in your best interest to keep them happy and healthy. And regular Yoga exercises can help you achieve that. Suck air in your mouth to make a balloon-like face, hold it for some time, and release. Along with boosting blood circulation, it will treat the folds and creases around the area imparting a natural, healthy glow!

Look towards the sky, feel the stretch in your neck; holding that position, open and close the mouth for a toned neck skin.

Benefits & Common Exercises

Practicing facial yoga regularly has more benefits than we may know:

• Gets Rid of the Baby Face

Regular face exercises can help get rid of that extra layer of fat on the face leading to a slim, toned face. If you are aiming at sharp jawlines that highlight the cuts of your face, facial yoga is a sure shot way to achieve that.

• Kissing the air by looking upwards
• Making a fish face by sucking the insides of your cheeks

• Slows Down the Aging Process of Skin

Smile or frowns, our facial expressions are one of the major reasons for the wrinkles on the face. And these wrinkles only get deeper as we age. However, one way to slow the skin’s aging process is to perform facial yoga, which helps to improve the elasticity of skin and firm the face and neck skin.

• Puffing the cheeks
• Stretching & toning of cheek muscles

• Releases Tension by Toning & Firming Skin

The stress and tension in our day-to-day life unknowingly affect our skin adversely causing wrinkles, acne, or/and dullness. However, facial yoga not only helps to bust our mental stress but also relaxes our facial muscles, tones, and firms the skin giving it a natural glow.

• Chanting ‘Om’ with a smile
• Pranayam
• Other Yogic breathing exercises

• Treats Common Skin Concerns

Last but not the least, facial yoga ace's the skin's game by treating the common skin issues that you may encounter daily. Facial yoga helps you get rid of that unwanted acne, pimples, and dullness that you were fighting through various ways.

• Breathing exercises
• Stretching the eyelids

How Often?
You can do facial yoga exercises up to 20-30 minutes every day, about 5 to 6 times in a week. In fact, combining it with your regular workout session would be a great idea! The more consistent you are, the better results you will get in terms of glowing and youthful skin.

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