“Easy hacks for lustrous and wholesome tresses! #GoodByeBadHairDays”

Monsoon can be thought of as one of the seasons that we look forward to until it decides to mess with our hair and how!! So, in order to flaunt our healthy and shiny tresses even in monsoon, we must take care of them and save them from the acid rains and humidity.

So, here we have a trustworthy hair care routine for you ladies to take care of your tresses even in this humidity.

  • Oil your hair for better shine.
    Use essential oils like Rosemary Oil and Eucalyptus Oil to nourish the scalp. Oiling your hair twice a week is enough. Avoid over-oiling your hair to overcome the case of using an excess amount of shampoo which in turn will result in hair damage.

  • Right shampoo is important.
    Wash your hair 2-3 times a week thoroughly to diminish the chances of infections. Always shampoo from root to tip, and after thoroughly applying the shampoo, rinse it properly. Avoid getting wet in the rain as much as possible since the pollutants destruct the cuticles and make hair rough and brittle, resulting in hair fall.

  • And conditioner, of course!
    Condition your hair properly from the lengths to the tip. Use a wide-teethed comb and spread the conditioner all over your hair. Rinse your hair with cold water thoroughly after 2-3 minutes.

  • Masque it up!
    Masques prevent hair frizz and keep them manageable. Apply the masque from roots to tips. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before you rinse it with water. Use the masque once a week or every 15 days, depending upon the hair quality.

  • Drink enough water - Universal solution to any(and every) problem!!
    An adequate amount of water helps in keeping your hair hydrated. Adequate amounts of fruits and a properly balanced diet are also necessary for healthy hair.

  • Serum = Glossy hair. Period.
    There is a right way to apply the serum on hair -- NEVER APPLY NEAR THE SCALP! This is to prevent our hair to be increasingly oily and sticky. Hair serum keeps the scalp dry and prevents chances of fungal infection. Apply the serum on damp hair and spread it evenly over the length of the hair to get the perfect glossy look.

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