Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize. The three divine steps to fight ageing.

No matter the age, the mere thought of getting old is petrifying. How do we dodge this feeling? It’s simple. Look at yourself in the mirror, stare in those eyes and say these 3 words aloud, CLEANSE-EXFOLIATE-MOISTURIZE. You’ll see that fear of yours run for its life. Here’s how to practise the CEM routine to beat the time and unlock the youthful radiance. 

Step 1: Cleanse

We stroll around with a face which is the most vulnerable part of our body (let’s not put our hearts into this matter). It acts as a magnet to all the dirt, grease, impurities and pollution. As a result, clogged pores and unwanted blackheads. Gently squish the D’Wine Face Wash, rub the pea-sized amount on your palms and now apply it on your wet face. Massage it in a circular motion and let the strawberry extract clear your clogged pores while pomegranate extract helps in deepening that cleanse. Rinse thoroughly and you’ve fought acne as well as the first sign of ageing, fine lines.

Step 2: Exfoliate

It’s time to deep-dive and uproot another set of ageing signs. Take a considerable amount of D’Wine Face Scrub and apply it on your wet face and neck. Now massage the scrub to scrub away the dead skin cells. The key thing to make this work is by being gentle. Walnut extract in the scrub will remove the residual impurities. Rich in antioxidants, the resveratrol will revive your skin’s tone and texture while also protecting it from further UV damage. Let the water glide over your face. Look up to see your skin reflect the D'wine beauty that you behold.

Step 3: Moisturize
One last mile to go, girl, before you can declare your skin ‘free from the colonization’ of ageing. Did you know that one of the fastest reasons behind skin ageing is dehydration? It won’t be your concern when you would take a blob of D’Wine Face Gel Cream and massage it in a circular motion till it gets absorbed to nurture your skin with intense hydration. The Red Wine Extract in the gel-cream firms the skin, while berries’ extract will act as a natural skin-enhancing agent, leaving you with a dewy, youthful radiance.

Practise this CEM routine once or twice a week and your skin won’t ever reveal your age.

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