Care and Repair your skin this winter season with Coffee Scrubs &
Elbow and Knee Whitening cream


Winter is here! The season to get cosy in cuddling woolens, savour the hot brewing coffee and all while indulging in festiveness that brings with it a fresh outlook on life. It is a very popular saying that eating nutritious food and doing rigorous workout especially in winter helps one to stay healthy and fit throughout the year. The same wisdom rings true for skin care in winter. A proper nourishment to your skin in this season ensures a radiant glow for the entire year.

The Beauty Co. with its excellently formulated beauty products with natural ingredients endorse the same philosophy with its #BefriendtheBeauty campaign. Exposure to cold-dry winds, heaters and the outdoor activities results in the loss of natural moisture in the skin. The skin loses its natural charm and it starts looking dull and tired. To shield your sensitive skin like elbows and knees from the harshness of winter and to keep it hydrated, The Beauty Co. launched the Elbow and Knee Whitening Cream and a range of pleasant Coffee scrubs. 

                                                                                                                            'COVER NO MORE'

More than a graceful stride, a confident stride attracts more eyeballs. Someone has rightly said, self-confidence is the best outfit a woman can wear. Especially for a woman, she can fully express herself and her vivid avatars when she is dressed the way she likes. 

When you glam yourself up with your best dress, you must shine with your unique, bold, and confident light. But at times, due to many natural reasons, certain areas of the skin turn dark. This decolourization, many a time, becomes the sole reason behind few women choosing to ditch their favourite lingerie or short dresses. Well, not anymore!

The Beauty Co. who as a brand believes to address the beauty woes of women through natural ingredients launched Elbow and Knee Whitening Cream on 20th November. This whitening cream is infused with the goodness of Gotu Kola and Glycerin. 


The ancient herb i.e., Gotu Kola has the perfect combination of fatty acids, amino acids, beta-carotene and photochemical—everything you need to keep that obstinate dark pigmentation at bay and attain the light and soft skin.


Glycerine, which is nothing but a thick liquid made by mixing up alcohol and sugar, works magic on your skin. It is soothing by nature and keeps your skin moisture locked inside.

The wonderful amalgamation of both these elements in our skin-whitening cream helps you combat dry skin and maintain even skin tone. It’s a complete non-greasy formula that gets easily absorbed in the skin and nourishes it.

Now! Take out all your beautiful clothes from your wardrobe and flaunt them whenever you wish to! 

                                                                                                               'A COFFEELICIOUS INDULGENCE'