Breathe a Sigh of Relief… With The Beauty Co. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

There are times when we need an effective, all-natural solution for our health woes! The time-tested 'dadima ke nuskhe' is proof that they have worked wonders for ages now. After all, our parents and ancestors have relied on the benefits of these herbal remedies, and their wisdom is what we, at The Beauty Co., have brought to you in a bottle!

Here’s something that gets respite to most of the respiratory ailments like cold, cough, congestion, and helps you breathe a sigh of relief – The Beauty Co. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is a woody-smelling essential oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian Eucalyptus Tree. Originally, the Aboriginals would use the oil and leaves to prepare herbal remedies, and today, Eucalyptus Essential Oil is used to treat a host of skin, hair, and respiratory problems. 

Here are 5 ways The Beauty Co. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is your very own all-natural, 'Herbal Healer':

1. Alleviate Respiratory Problems – Eucalyptus Oil is a must in our households today as it is an excellent cleanser for our breathing pathway. The oil can be added to a vaporizer or inhaling vessel. Just 3-5 minutes of steam inhalation with Eucalyptus Oil can help soothe a sore throat and reduce coughing. Regular steam inhalation with Eucalyptus Oil takes care of a blocked nasal passage and manages symptoms of Sinusitis, Asthma, and other Bronchial issues.

2. Soothe A Dry Cough – A change in weather or general exposure to dust and pollen can induce a nasty dry cough. Applying Eucalyptus Oil to your throat and chest can help soothe a dry cough and reduce inflammation. The oil is also applied on the sides of your temple to soothe a headache and help you relax. You can even pour 2-3 drops on a kerchief and inhale it for a prolonged soothing effect.

3. Relieve Muscle Aches – The common cold or a bout of viral fever can leave the muscles aching. Moreover, with age, the body muscles tend to atrophy and just like a machine, our joints too, need regular oiling to help us move around with ease. The Beauty Co. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is your best bet for age-related joint & muscle issues! Simply mix it with some warm Coconut Oil and apply it to the joints and massage gently for a while to relieve muscle pain.

4. Say Goodbye to Acne & Blemishes – If acne and scars are your mortal enemies, defeat their impact with Eucalyptus Oil! A dab of Eucalyptus Essential Oil can reduce redness and soothe skin irritation caused by acne and pimples. Regular use can help reduce acne and give you a blemish-free, radiant complexion! A smidge of Eucalyptus Oil mixed with some Aloe Vera gel can also help soothe sunburnt or irritated skin.

5. Say Hello to Lustrous Hair and Healthy Scalp - Pollution, dryness, and the harsh summer months can leave the hair dull and scalp greasy. Applying Eucalyptus Oil to your hair enhances the volume, reduces dandruff, and deeply cleanses the scalp to induce healthy new-hair growth. You can use Eucalyptus Oil with Coconut Oil for shiny, bouncy hair.

A Bonus Tip: Most of us have been cooped up in our homes for months on end which can induce stress and anxiety. The times have been unpredictable; however, we need to keep ourselves calm and build resilience. And for that…

We suggest some Aromatherapy!

Put 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil on a cotton ball and keep it under your pillow for a tranquil sleep or add a few drops in your bathtub for a soothing routine.

Get your hands on The Beauty Co. Eucalyptus Essential Oil for an easy breath of a healthy life!

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