Beauty Does Not Have Any Type. It’s Time to #Untype

We are surrounded by a number of stereotypes. These stereotypes affect the way we look at ourselves. We are constantly reminded that our gender, colour, size & sexuality defines us. Beauty brands play an important role in creating these stereotypes. 

What are the common stereotypes we deal with?  

- Only fair skin is beautiful.
- Women should have long hair.
- Men should grow beards.
- Only people of the opposite sex can be in a relationship.
- An ideal man is tall, dark & handsome.
- Fat can’t be beautiful.
- Gender is only binary.

As a beauty brand, we want to take a stand against these stereotypes. We believe that beauty is not only what we see, but it’s also about what we feel. When you feel beautiful it shows. We want people to feel beautiful regardless of the stereotypes that surround them.  

What is #UnType?

With the theme that beauty is inclusive, we want to serve a bigger purpose than just selling our products. We want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with people about feeling beautiful in their own skin.

We live in a society where beauty has its own definition. Beauty is being fair, being size zero, having no pimples, no pigmentation, no facial hair, no scars, no stretch marks. We are surrounded by negative comments regardless of how we look. There will always be something or the other about us that people will point out. We end up being insecure and under confident. Insecurity is never beautiful. Never. No one should be made to feel insecure about their beauty. We all need to stop spreading negativity & need to start appreciating our own unique beauty.

We find you beautiful, regardless of your shape, size, colour, gender & sexuality.

Through this campaign, we want to talk about breaking ‘types’ and embracing our true selves with love & confidence.

Let’s not fall under any type. Create your own type. It’s time to #UnType

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