Brr! Temperatures are dropping, and it’s about to start getting chilly.

So, we are bringing out the big guns to save your skin from winter dryness. While sweater weather is all about hot and cosy blankets, drinks, showers, and clothes - your skin tends to take the worst hit from it.

Why is that? In the winter season, humidity levels in the air are low, and with no moisture in the environment - water gets quickly evaporated from our skin, making it dry. Even the oiliest skin can face this issue.

How to know your skin is dry? While you’ll most definitely feel it, you can look for these signs: 

  • Cracked skin or flaky bits around the face, lips or feet
  • A white line appears after you scratch your skin
  • Your knees and elbow look ashy (greyish)
  • Skin feels tight, especially after showers or waking up in the morning 

How to take care of your skin in winters?
Did you know that your skin becomes more sensitive and dull in cold weather? Irrespective of your skin type, this stands true for the most! That’s why you need gentle care that gives nourishments to bring that healthy glow and softness.

Here are some of our tips on winter skincare:

Use Gentle Cleansers: Harsh body wash or face wash can be tough and dry for your skin. It not only removes much-needed oil but also makes you prone to flaky skin. That is why you need a gentle body and face wash, like the ones from our Chocolate Coffee kit. It moisturizes the skin while cleaning it deeply - a perfect solution for anyone wanting a gentle yet effective cleanser for seasons, especially winters.

Cut Down On Hot Showers:
Ahh! Hot Showers feel so great on cold mornings, right? But wait! They do more harm than good. Hot water strips your skin of moisture, making it dry. Instead, opt for lukewarm baths and keep the shower short.

Scrub Away Dry Skin:
Exfoliate once a week to get rid of unwanted dry skin and unveil soft, supple, and smooth skin. It helps to improve skin texture and keep flaky bits from piling up. 

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!:
And, we can’t stress enough on this! Dry skin screams for nourishment and moisture. So your best bet is to invest in thick lotions or body butter for this season. Apply a generous amount of our Chocolate Coffee Body Butter right after a shower on damp skin to soak all the goodness. For face care, use a lightweight but nourishing D'wine gel cream to calm the itchiness caused due to dryness.

Skip The Bullcrap And Apply Sunscreen:
Why would you ever skip sunscreen? The holy grail of any skincare routine, even if the sun isn't out and about, it's a good idea to layer up with sunscreen to protect from UVA/B rays. 

Soak It Up With Socks:
Dry feet got you crying? At night when you are right about to sleep, apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your skin and wear socks to cover it all. This way, the product penetrates deeper and better, so you can wake up with smooth feet.

Now you are all ready to tackle the nip in the air with your strong skincare game 💪🏼

Have A Happy (and cosy) Winters! 🌬️❄️

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