4 Reasons why Chocolate and Coffee are ultimate skincare ingredients!

An energy booster, a mood alleviator, coffee, and chocolate have always come to our rescue by giving us the strength and energy we require to get through the day. Chocolate is always known to mend our hearts, literally and figuratively by making sure we have lower heart risks. Coffee, on the other hand, has always made sure we stay in our best shapes by boosting our metabolism on a daily basis. While we always rely on our morning cup of coffee to help us get through the day, a small piece of dark chocolate can curb your cravings and give your sweet tooth a rest. If this is how they benefit our body, can you imagine the wonders it will do to our skin? Well, we’ll give you 4 reasons to put all your doubts aside. 

1. Say goodbye to aging skin!
Believe it or not, it is true! When your skin lets the goodness of coffee to seep in, the only thing left to do is create magic! The caffeine in the robusta beans dilutes the blood vessels and helps you in reducing the appearance of that rigid cellulite on your skin. 

If you’re wondering how chocolate contributes to this, we’ve got you covered. The cocoa beans help you reduce your stress hormones by releasing endorphins that in turn reduces those fine lines, giving your skin a glow it deserves.

2. Protect your skin against the sun
This is your go-to duo when it comes to baked skin. Chocolate and coffee are the two ingredients that will help you transform from a flaming red tomato to a slaying gorgeous warrior. The cocoa beans have healing properties that can help you soothe your sunburned skin and reduce inflammation. 

While caffeine has DNA damage response qualities that protect the skin from the dangers of UVB. Now get a skin that’s brighter than the sun!

3. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin!
When coffee and chocolate join forces together, it’s your skin that wins! It deserves all the love from this combination. Chocolate as well as coffee work as a team to help you fight against the dead skin cells, dullness, and dryness. The grounds of coffee act as a great exfoliant for your body and scrub away the dead skin.

Whereas the chocolate comes to your skin’s rescue to provide the nourishment it needs with the help of the fatty acids that are packed in the cocoa beans. This duo will always be by your side to help you slay!

4. Say no to puffy, dry skin!
When you combine the powers of chocolate and coffee, the only takeaway from this collaboration is soft, clear, and healthy skin! Pamper yourself and your skin to a much-deserved spa treatment at home with the antioxidant properties of chocolate as well as coffee. 

Say goodbye to puffy skin by giving your cells a breath of fresh air to make them plumper, and healthier.

Get these benefits and many more with our all-new #SkinfullyYours Chocolate Coffee Range that will treat your skin exceptionally well and give you the care it deserves.

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